NVMe & HDD disappear after enabling VMD on Asrock z690 extreme wifi

Motherboard Asrock z690 extreme wifi
Drives 1 NVMe 2tb corsair mp600 pro on slot 1, 2 6tb each seagate enterprise capacity on sata 0 & 1
Installed windows 11 on the NVMe & then added the 2 hard drives, enabled VMD to create a RAID & successfully created the RAID only on the 2 Sata hard drives excluding the NVMe,
however as soon as I enabled VMD the first step windows will not boot with error message “Inaccessible boot device” BSOD
I tried to:

  1. change SATA from AHCI to something else but no other options available.
  2. CSM in boot changed it a couple of times
    3.I tried Oprom settings a couple of times no luck either.

I can see all drives fine under Intel RST but the board doesn’t list them in any other place & if I try to install windows again none of the drives can be found.

So the board doesn’t see anything if i enable global mapping & if i choose to map the sata drives only, they disappear.