Nvme extension riser cables, Do they work?

Need Help
I have an ASUS GL702VS. Works well but ran out of space. Need to upgrade the NVME. I have a Sabrent 4TB Rocket NVME. IT runs very hot even with its heatsink. With the heatsink, the Rocket sill not fit into the case.
My idea is a Nvme extension riser cable and externally mount the NVME drive.
Has anyone used one and did it work ?

Theoretically it should but is there a penalty ?

Sintech M.2 NVME Extender M-Key PCIe Extension Card

SinLoon M.2(NGFF) Key M NVMe SSD Extension Cable Extender PCIe3.0 x4 Full Speed

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amazon com/SINLOON-Extension-Extender-PCIe3-0-12-6inch/dp/B08XXDPMWK/ref=pd_bxgy_img_1/143-9522800-1649706?pd_rd_w=Uy78S&pf_rd_p=c64372fa-c41c-422e-990d-9e034f73989b&pf_rd_r=CA253H2P05MKE37Y1JN5&pd_rd_r=0ca526b4-cba4-453e-8c2a-6080ee47adb0&pd_rd_wg=TDxc5&pd_rd_i=B08XXDPMWK&psc=1

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riitop com/products/nvme-extension-cable-pcie-m-2-nvme-ssd-riser-adapter-supports-pcie-3-0-x4-full-speed-32gbps-7-8inch20cm

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