Nvidia's Hogging of Binned Chips

Do ya’ll think Nvidia will eventually charge premium to AIB partners for higher binned cards instead of only reserving them to Founder’s Edition?


Perhaps in dark future you buy FE card, rip the chip out of it and send it to aib, and that will be the way to get your actually nice gpu’s in the future.
Of course, first you have to remove all the clue from the FE card, in this dark future.

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No need to think, it was the case (timestamped 3:10):

Unless you are OCing hard and replacing the stock cooler with better air cooling or watercooling, the binning won’t affect the end user as much as they think it will. There is still an silicone lottery element to the GPU, Ram and vendor who made them (TSMC vs Samsung I think). Better binning won’t get you past their low to middle of the road cooling design but it gives you a better chance.

The FE Cards look great but I’d rather have a card that isn’t glue’d together. Not all of the Aftermarket cards are better but I have a few EVGA 20 series cards and they perform better due to their 2-2.5 slot thick heat sinks and heavier fans. Their 3 slot chonker cards are pretty great if you can get them on sale, otherwise you are paying a premium for the cooling upgrade.

I also don’t think that the Super cards have the same binning anymore and I think they may drop that going forward(Especially since AMD seems to have done the opposite). So if you are looking to purchase a 20 series Super then you get the good old fashioned silicone lottery.