Nvidia vs Manufacturer Driver

So today I received the last components of my new rig. I just finished building it and now I'm playing with the drivers :)

So I had a kind of stupid question... When updating drivers for the GPU, I should go with Nvidia's official drivers, not the manufacturer's (Gigabyte), right?



EDIT: This is the driver Nvidia says I should install: 306.97 WHQL

Just go to www.geforce.com/drivers  and let it scan ur computer and go with what it says.

I may be wrong but it is my understanding that graphics cards' drivers are only provided by the motherboard/computer system manufacturer with laptop machines, although I have never owned a laptop so I can't say from experience.

If you have a desktop graphics card just go to the GPU manufacturers website, which will be either Nvidia or AMD.

It may be the chipset drivers that require you to go to the motherboard/computer system manufacturer website.

Sometimes motherboard/computer system manufacturers will aggregate 3-rd party drivers into a single location on their own website to simply the process of locating them, instead of locating them on each individual component manufacturer's website.

Install the drivers from Nvidia's website. The drivers that come with your card are just going to be outdated Nvidia drivers.

I thought so. Thanks for taking the time to answer my newb-in-panic question.

Gigabyte has drivers in their website for their cards, but they look to be Nvidia's, and outdated anyways.