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NVIDIA vs AMD in Looking Glass

On the approximate price point of Radeon 580 -> 5600XT, which card is best supported & performing in Looking Glass (AMD or NVIDIA, or Intel even)?

Also for the purposes of this thread, which cards do Looking Glass devs think will be the most future proof - and which card is most favorable in terms of functionality for Looking Glass today?

Are you talking about the the card for the host or for the guest?

For the guest, most AMD cards have the FLR reset bug which while not directly affecting Looking Glass, does make them not a good choice to pass through to the guest. It has been fixed as much as posible by the community, really almost all by Gnif, and AMD needs to provide more help before more work can be done.

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Well I thought I meant only the guest; I didn’t realize the host mattered. For host I already have AMD because I want to use AMDGPU driver with Linux, of course. So is there a list of AMD cards that don’t have this bug? Do the AMD cards without this bug have all of the functionality & reliability that NVIDIA cards do (in the context of Looking Glass)?

Supporting material for “reset bug”

Vega cards definitely have it. Vega 10 and 12 reset application

Navi cards definitely have it. Navi Reset Kernel Patch

Polaris cards have had mixed reports depending on the exact model. If I remember correctly, people have had better luck with Sapphire models.

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Great, that’s the kind of info I’m looking for. You’re just googling for card name + bug name to see accounts? I guess this is the official Looking Glass forum, though. Ideally would find a few users who verified their AMD RX ~500ish card does not have the bug :slight_smile:

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I actually had both of those threads bookmarked.

The forum search actually works well if you know the exact thing you are looking for.

Yep, and one of major places for other passthrough info.

I’ve seen several threads on this topic so far and I’ve seen zero consistency about this so-called “reset bug.” People claiming they don’t have it with an AMD card, but have it with an NVIDIA card. People claiming some AMD cards work - but won’t specify which ones… Etc…

I’m using a Sapphire RX580 Pulse (AMD Polaris architecture) GPU as my guest. As long as I shut down the Win10 guest OS properly, I experience no issues in restarting the guest. If the guest crashes or if I kill it, then the GPU is dead in most cases and I need to power down (usually suspend is enough) to get the card back to life.

Thanks! Apparently this guy fixed his issue with a kernel patch using a similar card: