NVIDIA VR Funhouse

Better keep making videos talking about how we do not want monopolys and keep on using Nvidia hardware, right?
I am sick of the BS that is going on on the tech-channels on YouTube.


First of all, when did I complain that it was too low and then too high? That's a BS accusation your making, of course we are gonna complain if it's either way, especially when the specs are unnecessarily high. When the specs are too high and they are only NVidia supported GPUs, we have a problem, almost nobody can play. At least with VR that won't matter much anyhow. The CPU requirements and recommended is outright ridiculous at the time, as for the GPU's, it's nice and all that NVidia is showing off.

So yeah, you missed a lot about this game, poorly optimized given that they were so quick to abandon the GTX 900's series, a desperate attempt to claim that their cards are any good for VR when we know they were the dumb-asses that abandoned Mantle and now it's biting them so bad with DX12/Vulkan and A-sync, it's gonna take a while for them to fix those issues, clearly it isn't fixed with Pascal's line up. When the minimum requirement of a VR game as casual as this is higher than a GTX 970 and an Intel Core i5.

NVidia does a good job at cannabalizing their market with the Founders Edition crap, wanting to charge $800, only recently can you get a cheaper 1080 now (still like $660 is the lowest I seen).

But still, AMD doesn't do anyone a favor at being lazy with drivers and making a RX 490 an RX 485X2