NVIDIA VR Funhouse

Umm, what is this game suppose to be about exactly?

Just seems like a cheap way to shut AMD out, making good graphic cards to beat AMD was too much for them or something? Cause that shouldn't be the case, this doesn't even make me mad strangely enough, I am just thinking "What the shit, what is this?". I am surprised it's F2P.

Wow there is some scared company running in circles. Is there some leak of Vega benchmarks I am not aware of?


It's funny that the developer of this game has only made this game, I almost wonder if they are new to game development and don't know how to code for both GPUs and this is their first game or an NVidia drone. Guess it ain't bad if it's their first game, except for the big part where you CAN'T USE AMD GPUs!

Well, it is a VR game, So it would be around that, but look at the fuking CPU requirement and recommended, an i7 4790 as a MINUMUM, not an FX 8320, not even an i5 4690K, an i7! The recommended is an i7 5930 (Which by the way, DOES NOT EXIST, your thinking of the 5930K) And the 5930K is a $550 CPU that ain't worth the money for most people, what's wrong with an i7 5820K? It's done me wonders.

That game is made by Nvidia. After doing some research, the system requirements make NO sense at all.
I think we should get @Logan to take a look at this madness.

They want to facilitate VR benchmarking tool that only their cards will look good on because of Gameworks/VRWorks for review sites.

Sounds like a fed lie, they know they are short on DX12/Vulkan and Async, they can't focus on fixing that it would seem.

I love how they market VR SLI, when their newest gpu - 1060, don't support SLI...
This is basically GameWorx 2.0, but for VR this time...
No need to adapt for the new technologies. All we need is to cut off the competition...

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Low Graphics Settings:
-GeForce GTX 1070
-GeForce GTX 1060
-GeForce GTX 980Ti

I am gonna miss the days where I played low settings on Intel HD 4400 ROFL.
There is like no dignity in this game AND it's F2P, I am somewhat convinced it is NVidia being scared shitless of AMD, who else to fear really?

There goes optimization out the window...

So not being able to run AMD isn't the first sign...lawl

They were talking about 1 pas rendering technology, meaning the world is rendered once for both eyes, instead of once for the left and once for the right eye...
If 1070 with this technology goes through this demo on low settings, then there is something really shitty optimization wise...

Well, when an i7 4790 is a minimum, isn't that nuff said?

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Here your informational video,

Honestly suprised you guys have NOT seen this already.

Sounds great and all, but seems more like NVidia is trying hard to make everything proprietary so it only works with their card rather than implementing features that would run best.

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I went on steam and downloaded this pile of steaming green waste. It SAYS unsupported GPU but I saw Unrealengines symbol pop up in my taskbar. So I went looking for a way to make this piece of wasted time worth anything. Searchterms: make R9 Fury look like 970 to software; Result: %
So I started diggin files, hoping to find something like "Allow AMD = false" or something. I am going to make a thread! https://forum.teksyndicate.com/t/nvidia-vr-craphouse-vs-me/104159


I saw that video when it came out, and it pissed me off, but I liked how he mostly seemed to care about the physics in game. Still annoying nonetheless.

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How they both seem to be fracturing right now

Amd = all about getting multigpu working properly (and essentially , getting rid of most other software bottlenecks to performance) so 2 weaker (cheaper cards) can perform wonders.. possibly given up on the single high end card race.
Nvidia = all about that single card perf, requiring their latest and greatest (and most expensive) to run properly.

I can see why nvidia would start to drop sli.. it harms their profit margins

it wants to keep their more expensive cards as the option for a 'premium' vr experience, whereas everyone is pretty sure two 1060's in sli (if they hadnt dropped it) would beat the 1080 at a fraction of the price, and nvidia arent going to cannibalize their own market.

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Maybe I missed something but it's obviously funded by nVidia to show case their GPU technology and you can download the source code and modify it yourself i.e. to run it on an AMD card. Why the hell would nVIdia bother to do that for a competitor?

You complain when the specs are too low then complain when the specs are too high!

There will be no bad words said about this from any techtuber running nVidia. Gotta keep dem free samples and corporate events coming.