Nvidia vGPU everything - share your GPU with multiple VMs

Woohoo!!! - its here

Finally we can vGPU any 10+ series Nvidia GPU… Time to buy a few 3080s 2080s to build our VM clusters! …

(Stares at Ebay markup prices :no_mouth:)

But atleast its here :sweat_smile:


No ampere support yet! Afaik soon tho


I’ve already queried AMD and Radeon on twitter as to where’s the support. But I’m a nobody…

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Considering this is technically unofficial support, i would be surprise if there is an official response.

Still one can hope with you :smiley:

Yeah i kinda meant support for GPU partitioning in general, as per the hyperV guide as well.

Well this is pretty nice, hopefully this gets official support and nvidia finally comes around to letting users do more with the product that consumers pay for and “own.”