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NVIDIA To Officially Support VESA Adaptive Sync (FreeSync) Under “G-Sync Compatible” Branding



‘true audio’ on amd’s side :smiley:

all companies have things that didnt make it in the long run

granted on nvidia’s side they are largely the same thing… e.g something proprietary geared towards vendor lock in.

so that people who bought nvidia… STAY nvidia.


Once VESA accepted adaptive sync in the standard and cheapo Chinese and Korean monitors started supporting it, it was EXTREMELY clear that G-sync was dead. That was in like 2016. Nvidia should have allowed it then, not dragged it out.

That said, it’s good they’re doing the right thing. Late’s better than never.


Next up RTX!


Next up is hairworx and lighting effects made with tesselation…
Then it’s RTX, although there are rumours for 1100 series cards running alongside 2000 series, so maybe RTX is DOA…


Well it has been how long now and 4, very expensive, cards deep with… 1 game that makes any use of it.


How dare you…
The Final Fantasy 15 benchmark also does. Not the game though, just the benchmark…


REGARDLESS… (guys, I love bashing nvidia as much as the next amd fan but cmon…)

this is still very cool and will massively help adoption

It’s just a shame that this took such a very big lever / crowbar to get nvidia to comply.


Ray-tracing is part of DirectX and Vulkan now, the only real lock-in there is that AMD hasn’t released hardware.

DLSS is proprietary, and potentially pretty sweet.


RTX tech is being adopted by most major rendering applications, so I don’t see it going away any time soon. AMD are probably working on their own variant of RT cores.


dlss = upscaling without the obvious signs of checkerboarding…

in short, take what amd did originally on consoles and do it better.


Pretty much yeah, no checkerboarding or temporal anti-aliasing artifacts. DLSS is potentially extremely cool technology, and it is Nvidia-specific.


Do you think you could expand on your OP with how you feel about this change and what it means for the industry? Its a little low effort to say “ouch gsync users”.

I wonder what the actual compatibility will look like. Do you guys think there will be an option to force adaptive sync on all freesync monitors or maybe it will be a select few premium models supported with the “G-SYNC compatible”?


No need to ask for our opinion, the Anandtech article says Nvidia will allow users to force VRR on non-certified monitors. Nvidia is completely giving up on this fight.


I see I got confused by the part where its enabled by default. I just kinda skimmed the article.


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OP added their thoughts


Thanks for adding some meat to discuss. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree. Also, I’m currious both why Nvidia is making this move now and why they have not done so earlier.

Good question. I don’t know either as I don’t use freesync or gsync but I would also like to know. I guess we will see how both the monitor market and consumer decisions will develop in the future.


I bought my gsync monitor a couple years ago, so I’m fine with it. If I purchased recently I’d be irate.


I bought mine about 18 months ago and still miffed… would have loved to keep the same monitor, very much a chunk of change savings.

Careful folks, don’t be bashing on NVidia now, they couldn’t help themselves but have now seen the light, bless their hearts.