Nvidia Tesla T4 in a dell Percussion 3930 rack mount workstation

I have ordered a dell percussion 3930 rack mount workstation (from dell website) and I have also acquired a Nvidia Tesla T4 from E-bay. I will be hopefully adding the Tesla card into the workstation when it comes… I know that the Tesla cards are not "officially supported on this platform but looking at the fan configuration of the workstation and it should work as good or even better than some of the servers the video card is certified with.

As this is the 1st time even trying something like this I would like to know your thoughts and or some support that I am not crazy adding this card to this workstation computer.

System will be:
Win 10 pro likely going win 11.
Intel 9900
16 gb of ddr4
1TB spinning disk
2*550 W power supplies
Nvidia T100 graphics card

Adding: Nvidia Tesla T4

Im adding a NVIDIA A2 ( the new replacement for the T4) into my TR PRO system when i get it most likely so I wouldn’t call you crazy for doing so if you have a use case for it

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