Nvidia Tegra seems successful

Last night i spent a good hour looking up facts on the tegra. I found a link on nvidias own website to a youtube channel called TegrabyNvidia. you should check it out its really interesting that a smartphone or zune HD can output full 1080p to a tv with smooth playback. In the hour of research i found that nvidia is optimistic and thinks the Tegra will make up half of their sales in just a few years. Im pretty pleased that nvidia is moving away from monolithic power hungry chips and targeting a new and booming market. post opinions if you have any.

Yeah, could you post the video link? It'd be easier for us to just click it from this thread, and go there.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7R90A7ZqLUÂ thats one of the demonstrations.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWKK8mWpWrI&feature=fvw that one is not from the official nvidia channel but still is a really good video.

every old member should know all this. the tegra is taking too much damn time to come out

yeah but at least it's coming out....

cough duke nukem forever*cough*

but it is out now, and was awarded best of computex 2009. Despite the time it took there still is no computer on a chip as powerful and power efficient on the market.

looks very cool.

any heads up on who the service provider will be? i hope i can use it with my verizon contract.

its not out yet. nvidia has an mid with the tegra and a phone with the tegra both with two models. if they arent on sale they arent out

no im not sure the provider but samsung and motorola are interested in the tegra so its safe to assume verizon will work fine.