Nvidia surround question

Having a bit of trouble finding an answer for this around the web. If I pair two 1080p monitors with my LG34UM67 in the middle will I be able to use nvidia surround with the correct resolution for those monitors? From what I've seen online people say that all the monitors must be the same resolution. But those posts I read where from a few years back. Anyone have any experience with this?


I have seen it done before as a demo. But I have no idea whats involved with the process.

I'm sure there may be a way but it would be difficult. nVidia Surround is really bad as it is. Not sure how that'd work.

I know that in the 34UM67 triple surround video that @Logan did, he mentioned that he would have instead had the ultra wide in the middle and 2 16:9 on the side. So I'm sure there must be a way to do it.

Speaking of Nvidia surround. Is anyone else having an issue with it in Windows 10? I have three of the exact same monitors and when I enabled it on my start menu opens on the left monitor while my start button is on the middle monitor. Anyone else having this issue or something similar or have any idea how to fix it?

I use nvidia surround with 2 1080p monitors and 1 900p monitor (yes i know). Works fine but the resolution will be matched to the resolution of the lowest res monitor on the others. This can be annoying if the screen sizes are different (not res but actual inches) because the bigger screens will get stretched.

Like @DerKrieger said nvidia surround is pretty bad atm so you have to play around with it while getting annoyed.

Nvidia surround requires all the same monitors to function properly.

you can have different rez. however that will make the others run out of their native rez which might look like shit.

that's a really vague answer that is not correct

I did read that it may be possible to set up a custom resolution and play you games in windowed mode and in theory it should then work for a 2560x1080 in the middle and a 1920x1080 on either side. Thus giving a windowed resolution of 6400x1080 for games. Its seems like a pain in the ass and i'm hoping that Nvidia gets handle on this soon since its already been a year that AMD has had this feature. Hopfully by Christmas when i get my second 1080p monitor i can try this out.

Just tried the windowed mode with my 2 monitors and it works great!

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