Nvidia surround question

I just got my triple monitor setup in nvidia surround. For gaming this is awesome but for everything else it is a bit annoying. Is there a way to snap to a single monitor for full screen video, web browser or programs or is there a way to set up multiple nvidia profiles so I can switch between my surround settings and 3 stand alone settings quickly? Im using windows 8 64bit and a single gtx 780. Thanks in advance. 

try using the Actual Multiple Monitor program it works preety well


Well i have been playing around with the settings and like the individual monitor settings but have yet to find the settings to span a game across all three monitors. Im no sure if I am over looking it or if it just isnt there and cant find any help on the site. Do you use this feature? If so how do I activate it? Thanks. 


Try "Windows Key + P" and switch between duplicate and extended.  I can confirm this works with Eyefinity, should work with nvidia.

Works perfectly, Thanks man!