Nvidia surround on 3 (different) HDTV

Hello again guys!


I'm pushing my luck on this one but i kept seeing peeps on youtube showing off their triple screen setup, and i saw one guy with 3 46'' hdtv.

So i guess, since i already have 3 hdtv in the house, why not build a rack to house them all in my mancave?

I will test it before of course but, if one of you guys already know that i'm losing my time... well tell me ;)


Hey @nts triple monitor set up would be cool but depending on your TV's you might get a lot of screen dooring or issues with resolution sitting so close to them and colour accuracy might be an issue depending on the type of work you want to do with them.

But giving it a try would be a cool project.

yeah well it's over, built a rack from scratch, but guess what after one week working on that, i just found out that you can't flip one screen. So i have 3 perfectly aligned tvs, but onw of them is the wrong way. I cant find anything on that so i guess im back to the building part...