Nvidia Surround Cutting Menus off

Hi There!

So I am using NV Surround quite alot and recently I have noticed some games have issues in terms of the way the surround works. In some games, such as Tomb Raider (2013) and Skyrim, the menus are completed cut out or half way off the screen, making it unusable. This applies to in game menus, starting menus but not the actual game itself. It works fine in game and some games like WoW, work without this issue perfectly.

Thanks for the help!

Alrighty so if anyone has stumbled apon this and having this problem, I have found THE SOLUTION!


Ok, so what I have done is run NV Surround, plus a program such as Flawless Widescreen (The one I used) or something like Widescreen Fixer. This will fix it, or at least it had for me.

Good Luck for those who are struggling!