Nvidia Shield?

Want to hear some opinions on if this is worth 250 bucks (50 bucks off)? For those who have it, what are problems you may have with it? What might you like about it? lol just anything to give me an idea what I will be getting if I get it. 
Thanks :3 

I don't personally have one, but from what I've seen they are a good handheld. I like the variety of games they have, main one I've played in GTA San Andreas, but otherwise the selection isn't half bad in my opinion. In terms of the handheld itself, I found it had a good shape and weight to it, felt durable, and comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

I would just spring for a decent phone of the same or better specs and a PS3 controller. 

I thought about importing one but I decided that with my crap eyes, the small screen would be a waist and so if they come out with a tablet with a controller about 7 to 10 inches in size I might consider but for what the shield is, I can get by without it. Steam has taken a lot of its potential away with in home streaming. any tv you have plus an intel nic or similar system? 

I don't know anyone that has bought an nVidia Shield. It's also pretty old tech now, the performance is not what is expected of modern ARM-based devices of that high pricepoint.

It's a running joke that only YouTube reviewers have nVidia Shields. I'm sure there's a lot of truth in that, because from what I've heard of vendors, the sales figures were 1-digit numbers.

You can also hook the Nvidia Shield with a monitor since it has an HDMI output, but I understand what your getting at. I saw it at Fry's earlier, I was sorta expecting it to have a bigger screen lol. However the buttons felt really nice from what I remember.

You think I can possibly install windows on this lol?

i am a nvidia shield owner, what do you want to know? and i think is 199 us$ now.
I havent any problems with it.

This article is very good if you dont know what features it has.


Just about all phones at this stage have HDMI out over MHL. So that is no advantage. 

One of my friends has a Shield and he forced himself to play/stream games for a week only on the shield. He likes it but he never uses it. The only time he would use it if he wanted to play more on a couch or a bed.

its an ARM processor....

i never use the pc streaming capability, for me is stupid playing PC games on a 5" screen.

But i use the console to play emulators, lots of then, that i was use to play in my old PSP and now i cant play on mi vita.
So i buy the shield and emulators are greats, i can play my old psp games on better resolution, same ps1 and n64, nintendo ds an dreamcast emulators work too.

And android games of course, "android console like games", not touch fucking games, there are a lot of racing, mmorpg , strategy and FPS games on android.

i have both consoles now, shield and vita, both are good, vita has better quality games, but they are few and expensive.
and it cant play emulators, and i cant live without emulator so i bough the shield, and its great too.

Playing mmorpgs on the go is great XD
i cant play then on my phone, you cant play hardcore games on a phone because they dried my battery and take me a lot of storage (some games like nova3, nfs, etc  are 3gb+ !! ) 

Sorry for my english is not my native languaje 

Not to mention most people have access to a laptop of some kind that can be used to stream and be plugged into a network jack to gain better network speeds for better quality.