NVIDIA Shield Tablet Dock Idea

After using my shield tablet for a week or so, I love it and find myself using console mode with an Ethernet adapter. The only problem is its ulgy. I have a mini HDMI adapter a micro splitter for power and a USB Ethernet adapter, all just sitting beside my tv. 

A docking station similar to one I have seen for an Acer tablet would be nice. It should hold the tablet horizontally and have the micro USB and mini HDMI on the side and the back would have Ethernet power and full size HDMI. And maybe use the magnets intheshield some way. Also, an additional full size USB for a hard drive but I'm not sure if the micro USB could support power, ethernet, and a hard drive.

Anyway I would love to see somebody with some soldering skills and a 3D printer and  make a prototype. 

I feel the same they should make this , because i like that tablet too and they have great potential but they need to work on accessories and tell the consumer there here for them.

Personally I would not buy the dock. the product is good for gaming on the go and that is exactly what I use mine for, on the go. But when i am at home my time is spent playing on my computer. There are Android specific games but i don't think the number of users willing to buy a dock specifically made for one tablet is high enough. However I could very well be wrong.

Personally I guess I would have to use one to believe it's useful for me. I use my Shield mainly for school work and occasionally playing games. I have a wireless bluetooth keyboard so no wires ( so I don't really see a use in the dock either )