Nvidia Shield Tablet and Controller

Damn, what a great device.  That K1 processor is going to bring mobile gaming to a new level.  Can't wait till i start developing mobile games with performance like this! I love it!  The controller is bluetooth so can be used on other devices, then the tablet can be run as a console, so things like netflix, web browsing, etc onto a TV screen via HDMI/miniHDMI.

The tablet comes with Trine 2: Complete Story built in and supports Portal 1/2 and Half-Life 2 with complete retextures.  Comes with a stylus, and will support NVidia Grid (cloud gaming).  You can use the NVidia Game Stream from PC to tablet and you will be able to stream to twitch if you like with the front facing camera.  It's just an awesome little device.


  • GPU: NVIDIA Tegra K1 192 core Kepler Cores
  • CPU: 2.2Ghz ARM Cortex A15
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Display: 8" 1920x1200 IPS multi-touch
  • Audio: Front facing stereo speakers, duial bass reflex port with built-in microphone
  • Storage: 32GB (WiFi+4G LTE) / 16 GB (WiFi-only)
  • Camera: 5MP HDR (front) / 5MP auto focus HDR (rear)

32GB model costs $399, 16GB costs $299, Controller costs $50

What do u guys think?  I think i'm going to buy it!


sweet. although realy wanted to see an updated version of the shield  as well.

This tablet is in between a waste of money and worth it. for what Nvidia is offering for this tablet.

looks like the size of my note3

This actually looks like a solid tablet.

I would've loved to see 3 or 4 GB of RAM for gaming, but 2GB is already considered a lot for tablets, plus the apps are already optimised for mobile.

2gbs only?

This was announced not even a month after I bought a Nexus 7.

Well, I don't own an Nvidia card, so I wouldn't be able to do game stream on it. Though you can play Portal, HL2, and War Thunder on it natively, so I guess that's kinda cool. Looks like a heck of a tablet, at a great price. Even with those specs, it's cheaper than a lot of lower end tablets *cough*iPad*cough*

I thought the controller was WiFi direct.

I sure do hope The Tek Syndicate guys review this soon.  LInus and Newegg already did but I usually wait for Logan and crew.