Nvidia Shield anyone else have one?

I just picked up a Nvidia shield a few days ago, and been playing around with it's outside of home PC streaming and even on my PC that is just a  GTX 650TI and a 2500k with 16 gigs of ram. It plays well with little network hiccups since I only use a stock Comcast router/modem. I also was able to play Tony Hawk HD on a laggy wifi signal at a friends house, that was playable on a 4mbs download and 3 upload. Also in home streaming for me is great besides the occasional crash. I think with a higher end router and graphics card upgrade to a 770 or 780ti would make it near flawless. Other then my small findings and testing anyone else have some interesting happen with there shield.

Eh I don't really see a point in a shield anymore since Steam in-home streaming is here Especially because you have to purchase a little gaming device that only works with Nvidia cards. While any of the products that are capable of downloading steam I can stream my games to. nvidia needs to stop being stingy with their technology to be honest.

Well the steam in home streaming is just in home with shield it allows outside of home. Also have you even used shield?

Not necessarily. I must correct myself,  right now in my opinion I don't see a point in the shield. For two reasons, its tied down to nvidia GPUs and steam in-home streaming does exactly what the shield does without proprietary hardware. (nvidia GPUS only) I have used the shield and to stream on it is exactly how streaming is on steams in-home streaming. You must be connected to the same network and it depends on how fast your CPU is and connection. And I say I dont see a point in the shield streaming for now because valve hasn't brought the streaming to android/iPad devices yet which is supposably soon. If you use the shield to play android games than you'd be getting yours moneys worth with it. Due to shield being a stock android experience. But like I mentioned before Nvidia paved the way to this streaming PC games. They have to stop locking down their stuff to their own hardware.

Yea says the person with a Nvidia GTX 770. Im just trying to get topic going about shield and not a debate between the fact that AMD doesn't work on the shield. I think you need re-read the topic, and troll less.

I'm not trolling if that's what you think. We are having a discussion. And I mean no disrespect, This is a thread about the Nvidia shield. And my experience with it is not to bring down anyone's opinion. We are all entitled to them. I didn't mention anywhere about AMD in any of my posts. The point that I'm trying to make is that its an excellent experience but I don't see the point of the shield streaming anymore CAUSE of steams implementation of the streaming, at least for now which can work on any device that can install steam (excluding android and iOS for now) and can work with any GPU whether is Nvidia and AMD. Which let's be real here not every single PC gamer is running a GK104 and above GPU. And I do believe we should have options. Something Nvidia sometimes doesn't understand when they lock down their goods strictly for their GPUs.

I don't think too many people own Shields just because Nvidia made its compatibility so limited. Of all pc rigs out there, limiting Shields to Nvidia gpus cuts down eligibility to, roughly half let's say? And then you'd probably have to have a fairly recent Nvidia gpu (600 series or higher). And to top it off you'd have to see if the game you want to play is compatible, etc etc. A lot of hoops to jump through.

For the above reasons, most people probably don't think the gaming experience they want warrants the purchase of a new piece of hardware.

I agree with Kat. Steam-in-home will eventually (if not already) defeat the purpose of Nvidia shield. Being able to stream any game without worrying about Nvidia hardware limitations is so much more useful. Might I add you can also stream between different OSs, and its compatibility with family sharing.

Kat has a point that if you take advantage of the Shield's to play android games you will be getting the most out of your money. However I don't think people buy Shields just to play android games, or at least that was not the market Nvidia was after.

The only core thing Shield has over Steam-in-home is remote streaming, which I would guess Steam will roll out eventually.