nVidia Shield and my AMD rig

Right so I bought myself an nVidia Shield (portable as they're now calling it) ... the reason I heard it had been updated and I just went to the nVidia website and picked it right up. I was in no mood at the time to read further into it and figure out that only the stupid tablet has the new K1 chip, I mean come on, a tablet is a very different beast.  Anyway, happy enough I can now play Half-Life 2 for the 100th time on the 4th different platform. 

What I can't seem to find is a documented workaround for Gamestream on an AMD card, I have a HD6950 and not in the mood to upgrade as it runs everything alright on my shitty 1080p screen. 

Is there some way to stream to my shield without getting a GTX card, I have no problem getting one in theory I'd just prefer to wait till I can afford a beast machine in the future.

This question might sound stupid but so did asking if you could run physx with an AMD card and look what happened there.....you can

get a 760 and have a beast of a machine now. Although you'd want a 770 for a proper upgrade.

This is the biggest Facepalm I've ever read.

Nope, there is no work around with Running Nvidia Software with AMD Hardware, Excluding Phys-X which you can run off your CPU if you don't have an Nvidia Card.

My Rant I've always Mention in some Posts when it comes to Nvidia Hardware, Proprietary Hardware is NOT the Answer to a Solution to ANYTHING. Which Nvidia doesn't seem to understand, but they will learn the hard way in the long run, Right now with your "Game-Stream Issue" Valve has put Nvidia's Game-Stream in the Dirt with their new In-Home-Streaming Feature on Steam which lets you stream your games to any Low-End Windows, Mac, or Linux Machine (I Believe) and it works with ANY GPU (AMD or Nvidia)  From what I'm reading Android Support and iOS support is coming for Valves In-Home-Streaming soon, so you can stream your PC games to your Tablets or PCs.

However for Future Reference Don't buy Proprietary things.

With the Nvidia shield you can't use any of the game-stream features unless you are running a Kepler Based GPU.

Biggest? Really?

So you're saying if I wait it could be fixed at an android/steam level? 


For future reference I'll buy what I like.

I'm happy enough with HL2 and Portal if that's all I get out of the thing. 

Yea I'm looking at a 770 or 780 in evga b stock. 760 isn't a big enough step up I don't think....or I could get a 750ti and not take too much of a hit on my wallet just to test the tech... we'll see where I end up I suppose 

I mean no disrespect if you are offended by my comment, I've just have a bad dis-taste for Nvidia after the non-sense they have been pulling lately.  (G-SYNC, Game-Stream, Nvidia's Gameworks), The shield is not a bad product, if you are buying or have the shield with the strict purpose to Stream Games, its the biggest waste of money in my opinion. however if you are using it for Everything, like Playing (Android) Games, Watching Movies via (Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll) then yes its worth the money, and the reason i said previously its the biggest face-palm, is cause of your comment, about the is there a workaround with Proprietary software like the game-stream, (Its like reading a comment about taking your Windows PC to the apple store and asking a Genius Bar attendant can i run OSX on this?) i mean no disrespect what-so-ever. but yes as my previous comment no there is no work around, if you have an AMD GPU i would just wait til Valve Releases In-Home-Streaming for Android which is supposedly soon, that will fix your issue of streaming games to your "Shield" if you are running AMD hardware sir.

No offence taken, you stopped me from wasting money on a new graphics card I don't actually want. Your answer again is helpful... your analogy could do with work because of course you can run OSX on a Windows PC that's why i didn't propose the question an Nvidia fanboy forum... just sayin :P 


Thanks very much

Umm Yes there is a way! It's called kainy! you can install it on streaming computer and it integrates with steam and also install on your shield. I have it. I don't need it as I have two 780TI's but ive tested it and it works. Just getting the buttons configured properly is annoying but I hear that's fixed now in new version

There is also Splashtop as a work around, but I understand lag can be a problem. not bad if you need to access your desktop while away but not specifically made for/great for games. Although it can be used for it if you like.

I really hope valve adds in home streaming to mobile to clip NVIDIA's wings