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Nvidia RTX 20XX Thread


Between cost and performance(or lack their of vs cost) the 20XX is heading its way towards Dudville.


So… a Vega 64.


except more expensive. :wink:



Tom is reviewing the wrong card.

The cost per frame is a lot more fair when you compare the lower end AIB models:


Well it here in all it’s not goodness.

How did you live your life without it.


It just works(barely). The fact the 2080Ti is marginal at best, in 1080P and 2070 is just abysmal is a kick in the balls to any gamer who is going to be forced to buy 3 to 5 months of car payments worth of GPU once the 10XX stock runs out.


So… Forbes resorted to Clickbait…


This is new and exciting…

Quit reading Forbes and Bloomberg “”“technology”"" stories back in 2011

Steaming hot garbage served with heaps of propaganda and debunked myths.


BBC is still serving up Technopanic. Their latest story was that “smart watches spy on kids.”


It’s not far from the truth

From the looks of it seems like something in the power -/- vrm section was overloaded.

And I’m not yet sure what this is about:


True, but it didn’t need to be sensationalized…

Tom’s Hardware is pretty bad in terms of that.


There’s ‘Forbes’ and ‘Forbes contributors’/“sites”. This is written by someone falling under the latter heading. No idea why they’re barely distinguishable visually etc., though.


:man_shrugging: It’s still click bait trash that they thrive on. Also, the source you posted to validate their claim isn’t one I trust, either.


LTT is the king of clickbait. Tom’s Hardware is just insane.


So not only is the performance abysmal apparently BF5 has a bug list for… RTX. So much for that “it just works.” Also implementation on BF5 is noisy, So let me get this straight:

  1. I have to spend 1100 to 1400 for a 2080Ti that can barely do RTX at 1080p, reason NVidia jacked the shit out of those cards is for… RTX.

  2. If I spend anything less even with an “RTX” card good luck on any RTX experience worth a shit.

  3. Noisy as hell graphics with very questionable RTX benefits.

  4. Game makers have to implement this “it just works” technology, so any sort of market penetration will be a couple of years away.

I know its early days but from the looks of it RTX and 1440p are pretty DOA, 1080p might end up being decent and maybe even reach pretty damned good level but in either case you’ll need a 2080Ti… those other RTX cards won’t cut it.


The water is where RTX truly falls apart. RTX likes solid surfaces instead of dynamic surfaces.


Reflecting dynamic surfaces is a problem, but reflecting from them is not.


entirely predictable.

anyone buying into RTX today may as well set money on fire.


Maybe its because I am on a phone and a car… But RTX did not look super impressive? At least not for the cost both performance and monetary.

Games were already approaching these levels of details through various methods and tricks with far higher performance and non specialised Ray Tracing hardware.