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Nvidia RTX 20XX Thread


Some retailers are shipping the cards early…



no, I won´t


Phoronix just got their RTX 2080 Ti:


Reviews are dropping


So the 2080 and 1080 Ti look to perform similarly, but the 2080 Ti has noticeably higher performance it looks like?


30-35% higher


best card ever


25-30% more perf at 25-30% more cost, 2 years later.



I agree. These cards would have been amazing if the price brackets weren’t shifted so high. Kills the excitement for me nothing justifies the price of this Open beta test that is RTX.


Yeah wow the performance is even more disappointing than I thought it was gonna be.

2080=1080 Ti but with more power consumption

Even the 2080 Ti is pretty meh. It seems to severely underperform in a lot of titles.


Hmm. wolfenstein 2 the 2080ti pulls 170 fps at 4k.

but still… performance just isn’t needed, the headline RTX feature is DOA and there’s nothing that uses it.

I’d #justNotBuyIT for at least 6 months until there’s some actual games that use the card features.

If you want a card for current games, 1080ti at half price of a 2080ti


My buddy and former coworker Shannon is a reviewer at Bjorn3D now if you guys want to check this article out. Note I haven’t had time to read it yet, it’s 34 pages and I’m just on lunch break lol.


The 2070 results are going to be interesting… Maybe 1080 speed?


The thing I’m most excited about with the 2000-series cards is the inevitable drop in price in 1000-series cards.


For 1080 price :smiley:

I think you’ll be waiting a bit. They won’t drop in price because there’s no alternative card for the performance. Other than a lower tier 20xx for… the same price or more.


I doubt I’ll be upgrading anytime soon anyways. Unless I can get a 1080 Ti for like $350 there’s not much reason to upgrade my 980 Ti.


This product is very much meh for me.

  1. NVidia… yeah, they have a well documented and recent history of destroying the world with various methods (GPP, Hairworks, etc)

  2. You want me spend WHAT? For a feature that isn’t even available? That no game designer can actually do on their own instead having to work with NVidia’s black box which has shown to be complete shit AND fuck competitors when not done right (FF15 or whatever it was)?

  3. With pricing at 1199 for 2080Ti that will probably be AIB’s in the 1350 to 1400 range, FUCK YOU. EVGA’s first 2080Ti FTW3 is 1350 dollars(just checked).

  4. 15 to 18 months, that is what it will take for ray tracing penetration and it will only be for the 10 star/AAAA titles that can afford to work with NVidia. For something like iRacing… they don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of putting this into the SIM.

For the love of god I hope Navi is worth a shit and can actually be made in numbers to compete.


At least I feel better about canceling my 2080 pre-order now :sweat_smile:


Yeah… it performs exactly the same as a 1080Ti… for far more money.


Finally sat down and read a couple reviews. What a joke, cool cards but the price they’re charging is insanity for what you get.