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Nvidia RTX 20XX Thread


I agree, they should have done better. But they didn’t :man_shrugging:

But there is no need to speculate, because DICE themselves have said that the demos are basic. What reason do they have to lie?

I’m gonna post it again. If you actually care read what DICE has to say. These demos are extremely basic and not even close to best case performance.

Of course you shouldn’t buy these cards. But you can’t fix bad software with faster hardware.


I’ll believe it when i see it.

Given this is an extremely edge case rare hardware thing for game devs for the foreseeable future i do not see most doing anything beyond basic support for it. The financial incentive simply isn’t there.

The tomb raider demo ran like shit too…


From Tom Petersens interview I gleaned that the RT (integer cores) can run async to the shaders and add {something ray traced} but the tensor cores share the same space / silicon as the shaders.

So for this DLSS etc you have to stop making a frame and flip to tensor cores to AI tweak it. Could be the performance hit games see.

With this new NV bridge. Tom Poo Poo’ed SLI saying even with dual RTX cards micro stuttering would persist and the tech is flawed. Leading me to believe with Dual cards one card run the tensor cores with the derp learned game to do AA with AI and I guess also use the RT cores and any spare shaders to assist to first RTX GPU.

This is going to be super expensive to game with. Jayz2cents will get free cards so we will see.


So… I guess the Unboxing embargos have lifted…

AHEM… The real content you were looking for is from GN, they did a architecture deep dive:


It is Turing Day y’all!

Article will be updated as Jeff digests the whitepapers.

Also At PCper:

A Look Back and Forward

Although NVIDIA’s new GPU architecture, revealed previously as Turing, has been speculated about for what seems like an eternity at this point, we finally have our first look at exactly what NVIDIA is positioning as the future of gaming.


Okay, so Gamers Nexus were told pretty last minute “No Disassembly.” Yet the other Steve of Hardware Unboxed never got that memo and published that info anyways into the public domain…

So both Steves did RTX teardowns and published them anyways. (And I highly suggest you save these videos just in case Nvidia decides a DMCA is the best action)


Well, time to call up Louis Rossman on how to tear those fuckers down! Either hidden screws under the fanblades you need to unscrew at an unhealthy angle or the black plastic is glued on covering some screws for good.
The shroud just covers broken dreams…

Isn´t it sad we expect that to happen?
The sun will rise, rain followes sun and some company will abuse DMCA takedowns…


I seriously think they need to microwave an iOpener to get at the shroud:


So it’s Sep 27 now?

In a community update posted to its forums, Nvidia says that RTX 2080 Ti cards will be available to all starting September 27.

GeForce RTX 2080 Ti general availability has shifted to September 27th, a one week delay. We expect pre-orders to arrive between September 20th and September 27th.

Note that there isn’t a change for the plain 2080, only the Ti.


I watched PC world’s coverage. I dont usually watch them but came across it.

If true Microsoft dont have the API for ray tracing ready yet and even if the cards come out Sept 20. The windows machinery (software) will not be out for another month so still no RTX testing.


Well NVIDIA is now claiming %60 faster over previous GPU’s in typical game performance, that would be nice.

However I doubt I will ever be able to get a 20 series card as their quite inflated in price here in Australia, my 1080Ti will haft to do until AMD figure out something…


Voltage is hard capped for Turing.

BTW, Tom is famous for this:

But yeah, get ready to hard-mod if you want to LN2 like THIS GUY:


FE cooler has finally been taken apart… with a heat gun:

Now we know you need the whole iOpener toolset with the suction cup too to get the glued in plate to pop off.


I can think of at least 2 ways to have the black part in place without glueing it…
What a fucking stupid design…

  1. Hoping iFixIt comes out with a table tool soon
  2. Probably a good 100 to 150 bucks in parts/labor for the fuckin screw, glue then more screws on this thing.
  3. This is for all you fuckers, JUST BUY IT!


stupid? not if your objective is to stop people modding your cards.


Or giving it a good cleaning.


Or plain owning what you paid for. Sure you can open it… Eventually but it is absolutely to stops people poking around.


Which is why I brought up the right to repair in the responses to the Tom Peterson video.


that too

now you buy a new one, yes?