NVIDIA Releases Open-Source GPU Kernel Modules

Kind of shows you the wrong people are employed. Just an interesting take away from this.

By which I mean the interview process likely weighed slightly to the wrong areas or advertised wrong or some other missing between the right people and the right job.

When opened to the public the people who can and do want to help end up doing it for free (see also: Bethesda)… I know not as black and white as all of that, but just sometimes.

Some truth to this, but you also got to keep in mind even genius developers make mistakes and cannot be at every position they need to. Also, motivation to work on a code base is not static.

Therefore it is inevitable that more eyeballs => code improvements. Especially if it is this high profile!

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I feel like its cost cutting more than anything. Minimum viable product more than anything.

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Good news I guess

But in a world where both intel and amd drivers are open source and as above various Linux or non windows based platforms have selected amd I guess the writing was on the wall.

Suspect NVIDIA figured they had to do this rather than out of any sort of desire to do so.

Probably years to mature and years more to mainline, if they choose to mainline.