Nvidia Rebranding/Renaming again?


Looks like Nvidia is about to rebrand some products again. This time they'll be named the:

Geforce GTS 250 - 9800 GTX + - 9800 GTX

Geforce GTS 240 - 9800 GT - 8800 GT

Wow, 1 card three names.

The only change in this rebranding is that the GTX 250(9800 GTX+) will have an updated bios, and packaging change. None changes has been posted for the GTX 240(9800GT) as of yet. They will be announced on the first Tuesday of March; Cebit 2009.

I think this is a some not so great marketing strategy Nvidia has began to use, renaming/rebranding old cards with not much chance to make people think it's a whole new card. I think should spend this time and money of developing new chips rather than this.

Souce: http://en.expreview.com/2009/02/04/nvidia-geforce-gts-250-to-make-its-debut-at-cebit-2009.html

This is good. More variety for the consumer.

These cards should be ,well obviously, faster than its previous vendor model.

Don't know why they didn't just do to what they did on the first time they released the 8800 gts 84. Now its the 92. or 94 I dont know what im saying. good bye

i cannot believe there doing this nvida wtf and especially with the 800 gt renamed 3 times are you serious ?

>_< god this jsut makes shit so much more confusing you damn money hungry bastards

the problem is what performance would be between the 9800gtx -gtx 280?

they should just leave them alone and make the higher models and let the rest just wade away