Nvidia really did ask for subscription fee, didn't it?

I have... Nothing to say actually. My jaw dropped. I really am simply amazed...


Team green plus.

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Nvidia is really making my list of reasons to not buy their products as long as possible... Maybe that's their goal?


Nvidia can suck my


The way it's meant to be paid!


I like how they say, that for only 10$ a month you get free this and that...
Surely if you pay, it's no longer free, or am I missing something? Like 0,5 Gb Vram...


Have I not been saying this for the last 2 and a half years.

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This is the future, don't see how anyone is surprised

$10 per month? Are they kidding? I love my PhysX but man oh man.


Since the 10 series graphics cards have been released we had in no particular order, another mew memory issues, VR compatibility issues, more DX 12 issues, driver issues, driver hot fix issues, telemetry, subscription for features, that was free for all, gpus catching fire, and now subscription fees.
I can't for the life of me understand, how some people still defend Nvidia.
Not to mention the latest AMD drivers have melted the performance difference there was. 460 now beats the more expensive 1050, 470 now performs onpar with the more expensive 1060 3 gig and 480 now outperforms 1060 6gig in general and performs onpar with it in DX11 and it is generally cheaper... Hell, I can get 480 4GB cheaper than 1060 3GB...


"Quick Nvidia may be launching a service that is like Origin Access and is equally stupid but doesn't detract at all from the user base of Nvidia customers that doesn't subscribe, let's throw a fit and all repeat that we won't buy Nvidia for the 301st time."

Come the fuck on.


Im going to reserve judgement.

10 bucks a month for some new games and potentially some discounts on new GPUs, might not actually be all that bad for some people.

It really just depends on how this system works. If they try to twist the arms of the average consumer, then yeah fuck them.

However if this program is really only for the true enthusiast and the nvidia community, then god speed.


Don't see how this isn't a problem neither...

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RX 460 beats GTX 1050? Where? The 1050 had the 460 outmatched fairly badly. Although I rather take the RX 470 from a price/performance standpoint if I were to choose.


Are you serious? Nobody here said Origin Access isn't stupid...in fact it is, but even then, your comparing Origin Access to NVidia's subscription? NVidia definitely did not need to do this, this is a cheap way to lock people down into their ecosystem, and this is very unhealthy for consumers, we complained about it with Microsoft, we ain't happy with hardware manufacturers doing it.

How long are you going to play devil's advocate?

pssshhhhh you just can't see how much it offers. I mean look at always online stuff, that was "bad" now all AAA games need it and they are awesome

Agreed. Who the hell cares, if it doesn't detract from the usual experience? More of a reason for them to keep pushing shield/gamestream. I don't have a shield, but I quite like moonlight, so I'd like it to stick around.

My thought is either they launch this, or it all goes "freemium." I'll just remain a basic (well, paid once for the gpu) user.

Other than that, none of us should care unless something gets taken away, and nvidia isn't playing that yet.

Please explain to me how this program is "Nvidia locking people into their ecosystem," using the points and actual realities of this program. There is absolutely no fucking evidence for that claim nor does the program in any way do that.

I'm going to break this down for you group by group if your too thick to realize what these mean.

Free full copy of exclusive Indie game (1x/year)
Free custom skin or in-game item for AAA game (1x/qtr)
Early beta access for Talos and NVIDIA 1st party content
Exclusive hardware discounts for gaming gear

In-game shit, doesn't stop you from moving to AMD.

Free AAA game codes and In-game currency
Early beta access to AAA games
Accessories to help gamers enjoy gaming better (HMDs, SHIELDs, Keyboards, etc)
Golden tickets to gaming events (Blizzcon, PAX, etc)

Giveaways, stupid and doesn't stop you from moving to AMD.

Free game codes for users who report a confirmed bug or contribute useful feature enhancement requests
Free game codes to our most active Share and GeForce Forum users
Free game codes to users who rank most negative and most positive on our sentiment tools

Bug bounties and more shit, doesn't stop you from moving to AMD.

Early Registration and Invitations to Club GeForce Meetups, GeForce LAN and Community Events
GeForce Forum badges and rankings based on years in the Club

Nvidia forum shit, doesn't stop you from moving to AMD.

Don't make baseless fucking claims. The claim that any of this lock's someone into Nvidia's ecosystem is factually incorrect. You don't even have to subscribe to this to use Nvidia hardware. Its completely optional, and just another option for people that think its valuable. I think its dogshit, but if your going to claim it locks people into the Nvidia eco system your out of your fucking mind.

Don't like it, don't subscribe to it.


Not sure why everyone's emotions have been poked. Hasn't this already been a thing with the shield?? ( I absolutely love my tablet BTW)

From the looks of it, this is entirely optional for extra perks. You may CHOOSE to sign up or not.

I hate pissing contests, but I recall having some kind of "Raptr" malware forced onto my system when installing a game. That is the kind of shit I am not OK with.

Freedom of Choice People.


As long as they are not placing feathers behind a pay wall i don't care.

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