NVIDIA Press Conference 2013: Everything you need to know in 4 minutes

Hey guys so some of you may recognize me as the guy who posted the video covering the AMD GPU '14 event last month. It turned out that video was VERY well recieved (thanks in no small part to the patrons of the Tek Syndicate forums) so I decided to make another one covering the Nvidia event on late last week. It took me a good bit longer to be able to get this video out on account of the Nvidia Press Conference being spread out over several days as well as the stream content being harder to get ahold of (also I just had shit to do). But I finally finished it and am linking it all here for all of you to hopefully enjoy. I hope that y'all find it informative and would love to hear what you guys thought of what Nvidia had to offer down below or in the comments of the video itself. 

Anyway, thanks for all of the support and I look forward to hearing what you all have to say 


Julian (jmasta111)

Here is a link to the video: 

Also here is the older video for the AMD GPU '14 presentation in case you missed that:


Thanks for the vid's, i like not having to search for everything that was announced :D

My view on all of that........expensive and some slightly pointless :D

Glad you liked it (and yes trust me I thought the AMD conference was hard to sit through, but then I saw THIS)

I agree the AMD event was sub-par in terms of the live viewing. But was more public and press orientated. The Nvidia event was much smaller and intimate (only one [linus] youtuber was there compared to the amd event [several]

I didn't really sit through the Nvidia conference but i tuned into live streams when i got bored.

and- Nice Shirt. :)

Great video, but I believe you missed out the 780ti announcement (I assume it was at this event it was announced).

Hey yeah it is a great shirt, right back at ya my man (My girlfriend got it for my birthday last month and I love it, also thinking of getting her one of those new girl shirts). Also Ryan and Ken from Pcper were there as well, and they are YouTubers (despite mostly focusing on the website). All in all I was quite impressed by all of the GI Works they showed off, it's just unfortunate that NVIDIA keeps their stuff proprietary which makes me really feel like it's all been wasted. Also G-Sync is damn awesome, I just feel that it is plagued by the same problem.

It wasn't in the video for two reasons.

 1) Because I had missed the oppurtunity to record that part of the livestream and I couldn't find it anywhere on the twitch recordings


2) Because they didn't release any details about it. All they said was, "Hey, there's gonna be a 780ti". To be honest that news isn't noteworthy because it lacks substance. Saying that NVIDIA will release new GPU's is like saying that Logan will climb a mountain. We all know it will happen but without knowing what mountain, how high, where it is, or when he will do it.... it doesn't really mean much.

Okay no worries, I've been living under a (exam study) rock so I wasn't quite sure but yea great video dude!

well yea the pcper guys do have a YT channel but they're not strict youtubers like linus is what I'm saying. The amd event had Newegg & even chris pirillo.

What do you guys value more, the g-sync function or the mantle API?