nVidia Physx on AMD GPU's?

Hi Logan, Wendell and whom ever else that reads this.

I have a setup of 2 HD 7970s in my main system with a FX 8350 (more info on my profile). Now i have the Physx Driver install on this computer and i know that it them uses the CPU to do its processing power. now with all the programs out there its there a way to tell this Application to run from the GPU or do some funky stuff with emulation to do this?

Now I know that AMD and nVidia dont talk well but i was also looking at this to running some intensive apps from a gpu such as guiminer uses it.

Any consturctive criticism welcome. But if anyone tells me i am an idiot for using 7970's... they can stick it up there ass

Yes its possible, Many people dont know that but it very is well possible. A lot of work is required to get it working, It requires modified drivers. Now there is a difference between Physx and nvidia Physx. Physx is what is used on the CPU and Nvidia Physx is the Nvidia dedicated version, Comes with a few extra features.

A quick google search failed to bring up anything but I know its out there, I did some research on it just a week ago. Now the more common thing people do is buy a cheap Nvidia GPU (Best performance with a GTX 560) and modify the drivers to use Nvidia Physx on the Nvidia GPU. 

Just do some research and you should turn up the info you are looking for. Just posting this so you know it is possible unlike what many people say.

The biggest issue i have is that i cant put in an extra graphics card because of my already packed mobo...

There are PCIE devices that will convert 2 pcie slots into 3 but really, The performance increase and problems might not be worth it. Only some games use Physx. If you can get it to run on an amd gpu which is possible, It may end up with a performance decrease because AMD GPU's are not optimised to Physx. Id recomend not doing it for anything more that curiosity. 

Thanks Rudster... I have found a solution to the space issue though... providing it clears... i sound be able to use a ribbon connecter to install a 3rd gpu


just go on Nvidia website and download the physx driver for CPU's.  Problem solved. =)

Nvidia physx isn't that special to be honest.  The driver for the CPU works just fine.  Also since you have an 8 core CPU, it'll work pretty well.  Physx works better on AMD than Intel (one of the few things it does better).  If you REALLY want full physx, go buy a cheapo nvidia card that has physx(630 for like $50) and install it to your computer.  You'll have 3 cards but you can direct physx workflow to the nvidia card and it'll send it to your AMD cards.  I know a lot of people that do this to their computers; it's kind of pointless since you have a strong CPU.

yes but if u can use physx on amd gpu's u could hugely increase performance

idk if this is still valid, you may be able to try it, might work, but should work with Win 8 as well.  Some people posted comments about it working.


Nvidia misinforms customers, but Nvidias Physx hasn't changed from Ageia, that's why the PS4 is going to have PhysX built in.  Nvidia got into a lot of trouble when Sony announced PhysX for PS4.  It's not limited to the "CUDA" cores because CUDA is just a name just like AMD calling theirs "Stream Processors".  They both work almost the same.

I think the word "hugely" is a slight exaggeration, and any improvements is only going to be on the tiny amount of games that even use PhysX for anything substantial. 

IMHO more trouble than it's worth.......as for guiminer, are people still mining with just a couple of 7970? 

That's not possible on an amd gpu.

what part????

(have you read they whole thread?) 

it is possible, Nvidia just locks the software, there is a hack on the software to enable PhysX to work on AMD, just read the link i posted below.

That Brings me back to where I started because Physx Is just software... how do we get it to run on AMD hardware instead of nVidia without the use of a "Physx" Card

the link on the overclock.net thread said it.  You install the nvidia drivers, but specific patch, and run the crack for the patch and it will unlock for your AMD card, it will THINK you have an nvidia card, and enable software.  Physx is software locked, it's not dependant to the CUDA cores..  There is a list on the instructions, i've done it when i had the HD4870 a while back.  Never was compelled afterwards because i didnt care about PhysX.  I'm not sure if it works with more current cards, but on the last page someone did it with the 78xx card.

Yes u can... but u need a nvidia card... which i cant add in to my system... take a look at my config on my profile and u will see... https://teksyndicate.com/users/mfitz50

Honestly, I dont see much worth in it, if your CPU can hold up to the requirments of the game running physx on the CPU, Then you are going to have better performance running physx on the CPU. If your CPU is bottlenecking which i doubt it is with an octocore AMD CPU, Then sure, give it a shot. The only real time there is a benifit is when you have a dedicated GPU to run physx. Any old nvidia GPU can do the job but the better the card, the better up to a point.

Batman Arkham Asylum uses 45% of a dedicated GTX 580 Physx card. 

As metal and myself have said, It is possible to have physx running on an amd card. 


but from a performance stand point having the abley to run apps like Physx from the GPU instead of the CPU would be Great...


take a look at this, the differnce in performance is not that much.  They did tests with/without nvidia usage and as well as AMD/Nvidia usage.  Also counting multi core usage.  You're making this more than what it is.  This test even shows that some games perform better with CPU PhysX than GPU PhysX because of the load on the GPU and how it affects the connection.  If your REALLY want PhysX, GO BUY the cheapest 6 series geforce card you can find.  They all support physX.