Nvidia over AMD?

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Why is it that the major tech youtubers use Nvidia graphics cards over AMD in their personal rigs?

- Linus uses 2 GTX Titans in SLI

- Slick uses a single GTX 780

- Austin Evans uses 2 GTX 780's in SLI

- Logan from Tek Syndicate uses a single GTX 780 ti

- Paul from Newegg uses a single GTX 770 4gb

- Jayztwocents uses 2 GTX 780's in SLI

- Elric from techoftomorrow uses Nvidia

- Kyle from newegg uses Nvidia

Does anybody know why this is the case? I'd really like to know.

because they probably get sponsered by them ?


No I don't think they do get sponsored. There are videos on linus's channel that are sponsored by AMD such as the Kaveri Build.

Nvidia has a lot of gimmicks that they use to entice people, plus they put way more into marketing

Shadowplay I would guess might be a reason, at least for some youtubers. Perhaps not the ones you mentioned.

The 780 Ti, of course, is the most powerful single GPU card available (other than a Titan Black, but that doesn't really count), so it makes sense that people willing to pay for the best (Logan for example) would own a 780 Ti.

I think there is also that whole "Nvidia's drivers are so much better than AMD's" thing, but I don't buy that at all cause I've never had a single problem with AMD's drivers

But the matter of fact is , that AMD is just the better bang for buck wenn it comes to gpu´s.

The GTX780Ti, might be the fastest single gpu on the market, at higher res gaming, it is not that much faster as the 290X, now the interessting part doe, is that the 290, is realy close in performance to the 290x, for alot less money. That makes the 290 the best bang for buck card in my opinnion. cause they are on the price level of a GTX770 4GB.

Same with the 280X and 770 2GB, 280x is a littlebit cheaper then the 770 2GB, But they perform arround the same, but the extra Vram on the 280X for les money could make sense.

280 > 760, this does not realy need any explanation does it? 

AMD dominates Nvidia with agressive pricing, and better performance per dollar.

But Nvidia does alot of marketing.

Yeah, it does make sense for logan. However, someone like Paul from Newegg has a 4gb 770 when he could've got a 290 or for Luke from LinusTechTips, who has a 780 could've got a 290x.

Honestly, I think it's because Nvidia got their cards to market first. I know that I purchased my 780 when it was newly released. Now, I don't have any real reason to switch. The R9 290 or 290x are more or less the same performance at 1440p. If I were building anew, I'd probably pick up an R9 290.

The 780ti is far too expensive, but does offer a fair performance increase. Undoubtedly the fastest "gaming" card.

So that's perhaps why they all use 780 and 780ti GPUs. They got them while they were hot.

AMD doesn't send as many goodies to youtubers  from what i understand of the gpu market the profit margins are pretty slim compared to something like a  genaric keyboard

Asus, EVGA MSI Nvidia doe alot on sponsoring, and they just wanne have good reviews for theire "most expensive" products, thats why most of them use Nvida, cards, from one of those manufacturers.

But you start to see more Sapphire give aways and revies, and sponsoring, aswell so yeah. AMD is getting finaly the picture that they deserve

Also gpu mining had the amd cards prices messed up when all these cards came out. 

Yes that was definitely a point yes.

But now at the moment, if you are looking for a new GPU, i would not overlook the AMD bang for buck prices.

Basicly you cannot get arround AMD, unless you can afford the 780Ti, but then still you could ask your self is it worth it? to pay that much extra for 12 fps?

My reason i think they do it is cause they can "Afford the Best"

Cause lets be real the 780ti IS the fastest Single GPU, but for the price is it really worth the extra frames? I think logan said he likes to game at Strange Resolutions and he mentioned 2400x1200 i think. i don't think a 780ti for that resolution is REALLY necessary, but as i mentioned above "if you can afford it why not?"

The R9-290 can game incredibly well at high resolutions. right now what is really necessary which is 1440p. GPU's are a bit too weak for 4k right now.

I remember linus mentioned in a past video, if you are shopping for a GPU and you have a decent amount of money. you should always get the GPU before the Top Tier Card. cause you aren't going to get the best for your money,

yes this is basicly true, in my opinnion the 780ti is not worth it, unless you can afford it, and just want the best single performance. like Logan.

But i would personaly look at the r9-290 or GTX780, on which the 290 for less money is obvious the better choice. for gaming, for me personaly.

I´m not an AMD-Fangirl, But for me the best bang for buck is what matters.

And i just want an R9-290 because Pistol has a 290x, and we are the only 2 girls on this community if im right soo yeah!  lol

They do a lot of video work, AMD run hotter and louder than nVidia, maybe the heat and noise is a factor?

well i dont think so, the Sapphire 290X Vapor X for example runes very cool 74C, and very low fan speeds at full load.

I dont think thats realy the case.

Its just because Logan wanted to beat Pistol

AMD is a company that doesn't work with youtubers much, and first experiences matter too. I've had 7 graphics cards and 4 was from Nvidia and 3 from AMD. I've had a good first experience from Nvidia so the next time I chose them again. I finally bit the bullet and chose the AMD card, a lot of these youtubers haven't had this experience, full time. CCC is wierd from Nvidia control panel so they stick with what's familar, and another reason is Nvidia used to have a lot better support for proffesional applications, but now AMD has focused on this market more i.e open cl in adobe, but a couple apps that linus uses have better support by Nvidia. I might I missed something but those are a couple reasons.

My Preference when it comes to GPU's is AMD as well, and my reason for it is that they really give you absurd performance cards for the money. and i feel they cater more towards the gamer. (like giving us the Never settle bundle with 3 games) and i feel like i have more control over the card,

Like for me i don't think the temperature target on Nvidia cards truly work and Nvidia's GPU Boost 2.0 is good but also a pain in the ass. and Nvidia is Stingy with the VRAM count.

i may sound as if im contradicting myself cause I am using a GTX 770 Classified but realistically it was the best i could get at the time (this was during the cryptocurrency hellraiser that made Radeon cards skyrocket in price)
Deep down i want a 290 but right now my 770 is doing impeccably well. but i know that will change in a couple of months. i might just wait for R9-300 series. according to rumors its going to be insane.