Nvidia or ATI

i want to buy a gpu not more than $230 or $250 plz and what will be better a nvidia card or an ati card thank you very much guys

Rich people = Nvidia

People who just want something good for the price = AMD

The ones you can get from AMD for $250 is better than cards from Nvidia for same price :)

It depends what you're going to use the card for and what you'd be happy with in terms of performance. If you want PhysX then go Nvidia, if you want beast multi-monitor support then go AMD for their Eyefinity (Nvidia's multi-monitor support has gotten a lot better since AMD first came out with Eyefinity but I'm not sure if it's good as Eyefinity yet). If you're using Adobe Creative Suite then get an Nvidia card because applications like Photoshop take advantage of CUDA to accelerate processing/rendering.

For me personally, I run a lot of virtual machines and read a lot of documention and do a lot of word processing so I'd get an AMD card for Eyefinity to support 6 or so monitors. Basically what I'm saying is, what's best for you depends on what tasks you perform.

If you're just looking for the best performance for the money for single-monitor 1080p non-3D gaming, then it's just a matter of going to Newegg or NCIX, find 3-4 GPUs in your price range (some Nvidia, some AMD cards) reading ~5 in-depth reviews that include those cards from sites like www.anandtech.com, www.hardwarecanucks.com, or watching some benchmarks by people like Logan and Linus on their YouTube channels then come to a conclusion and pick what you'd be happy with.

im new to this, so I just want one gpu for playing games. In a closer future want to learn photoshop and adobe after effects but for now just for playing