Nvidia or amd?

Hey TekSyndicate, I wanted to know if I should get the EVGA GTX 670 4GB FTW or the AMD Radeon 7970 Ghz editon. This will be with a i5 3570k 4.2Ghz. I will edit and play games. I will be doing redering streaming, and gaming. Both are in my price range and are both great cards, just don't know which one's better for my needs.

For rendering I would go with the 670, that way you could take advantage of the CUDA cores and speed up the rendering process.

what will you be editing with? and if you haven't already bought the mobo and cpu, get the 8350. better than the i5 for editing and streaming.

Yes, I'm buying the 8350. I'll be editing with Arcsoft and Sony Vegas 12. I'm a YouTuber so I'll be using TwitchTv. Plus the 8350 closely scores to the i5 in gaming as well.

Hey, are there any GTX 670 4GB FTW benchmarks that you could link me?

I would suggest a 7970 then. vegas should be able to do all the editing you need, make sure to enable opencl acceleration in the codec settings.

@mrpete- amd uses opencl, and tend to be faster acceleration than cuda. adobe premiere is the only editing software that supports only cuda.

Sony Vegas does support CUDA now

supports both. I use it. i've used it on CUDA, and it also supports openCL

Rate the 670 4GB FTW and the 7970 Ghz.


just get a regular 7970, with a non-ref cooler. the ghz edition is just a pre-overclocked 7970.

7970, anything non-Adobe it will be just as fast or faster using OpenCl and as for gaming well the 7970 just plain beats the 670.