Nvidia Non-Identical SLI

Now I have a multi monitor setup (3 available - 2 in use) and recently a problem has risen where I can use 1 less screen. I am running a GTX 660 2GB and a GT 210 in the same system with two monitors on the GTX 660 and a third running on the 210. After turning off my PC one night I was unable to get the GT 210 to register on my PC anymore, and I am not sure why. I have re-installed drivers, tested the PCI-E port with my 660 and it still registered, I even swapped round what monitor is running off of what GPU. To no prevail I am unable to get the GPU working anymore. This is highly frustrating because until I am able to afford some more new monitors, I need to use these for work. 3 Monitors provides so much more ability and flexibility for what I do than my current 2 monitors do. I can not use 1 monitor by itself, I find it impossible now. Is there any way to get this GPU working again? I'm using a Dell T3500 Desktop with 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz, 550W PSU, Xeon W3503 and the GTX 660 2GB & GT 210 512MB. Thank you.

Does your 660 only have 2 ports?

As a last ditch effort you could try baking your card? I've done it before and have gotten cards revived, sometimes only temporarily but still revived. Only do this if there is no warranty.


  • Make sure to remove the heatsink and any other plastic parts from the card.
  • Place a few balls of tin foil on a tray and rest the card on them (evenly) so it isn't touching the tray. Make sure to put the card in chip side up (otherwise the chip will fall off)
  • You'll want to have it in for around 8 minutes at 385°F. Around 10 minutes is fine, but do not go over 12 minutes as it's too long
  • Let it cool off for about 20 minutes, don't touch it or move it too much after taking it out of the oven
  • After it's cooled off you can put the heatsink with thermal paste back on, and then test it

The 210 is most likely dead, grab another cheap gpu or buy something like a usb to dvi adapter so you can run your other monitor. Maybe even sell the 660 and buy a gpu with enough outputs.

My 660 has a DVI, VGA and HDMI output. The problem is, I use the DVI for my main monitor and my other two monitors are both VGA. Which is why I use the 210.

The card isn't dead either though. I have tried the 210 by itself and it works fine. Which is really annoying. I'm not sure if it's a driver issue, but it happened really suddenly.

HDMI to VGA adapters are < $10. Just grab one of them, or ask around as one of your mates may have one spare as sometimes adapters like that come bundled with some gpu's.

My mate recently got an Oculus DK2 (the lucky s**t), I'll ask him if it came with a HDMI to VGA adapter. Fingers crossed. Thank you for the help

Since you haven't mentioned doing so, try clearing the CMOS. I've had cards stop being recognized by the bus until I cleared my CMOS. That usually happens when the card dies though. I've had one time where it worked fine afterwards and two times where after clearing the BIOS it did start "working" but the card was dead displaying streaks death all over the boot screen and any screens beyond.

Ah I see, by what you said it had seemed dead to my first impression. Sorry for the incorrect answer then

you cannot sli 2 diffrent series Nvidia cards.

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he is not trying to sli, just run two gpus to run extra monitors. I do it at work just fine, granted they are not as a vast difference that he has.