Nvidia lied to the consumer

Lol, I doubt that I'm qualified for that. I'd just be ranting for 15 minutes about shitty people without even mentioning Nvidia.

Hey you , i know you from another forum related to another tech youtuber.


if you know what i mean.

Its a matter of principle.

I dont care about the 500 mb,most people gaming at 1080 p dont etiher.

Point is they lied and were dishonest.

You might as well call them out on it. The LTT community has handled this subject like a bunch of 12-year olds. I bet there are worse cases out there, but the blind brand loyalty and the disgusting behaviour I've seen on there over the last few days made me sick to my stomach. People defending this bs (because Nvidia, obviously), people calling others out on using a 970 (or SLI 970s) for 4k and telling them to shut up, people denying that the issue actually exists, people saying that it "has been settled" with that bs benchmark from Nvidia, you name it.

I honestly hope that they were either too young or just paid off by Nvidia, because an adult defending these practices would probably make me lose my faith in humanity for the next few months. There have been some smart comments on there, but the vast majority of what I read has been exactly what I was mentioning before, digusting behaviour and a complete lack of empathy for real people. And for what? So you can justify your purchase? For brand loyalty? None of that stuff matters, none of this is in any way beneficial to you as a person. Fuck. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. (who participated in this kind of behaviour)

I posted this on builda pc and got tore apart by nvidia fantards.

Do you know why people defend nvidia ? Because they want to justify their shitty purchase.

i dont own a fucking 970 and i can tell things like they are and what happening is nvidia screwing with consumers nothign else.

THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY to defend them anymore.

They lied to their customer based and abused our trust , if you support them in this matter you like to be raped in the ass by big corporations full stop fucking period.

AMD lauches one bad batch of drivers everyone goes berserk , nvidia pulls this piece of shit move and everyon goes to their defense , fucking morons i swear.

I hope their 970s burn the fuck out for defending what happened here , god damn it. 

I fucking called them out , i said that fucking benchmark was a pirce of shit because it didnt have minimum FPS.

But everyone rounded around nvidias dick once again.

Check out my other reply or i will be rehanging here what i said there.

i totally get it. i dont like that nvidia likes to make stuff proprietary like gsync, but this is just wall street banker low. inflating specs intentionally. i would still take a 970 if it was free.

So they lied about cache and ROP, as well as it having a real 256 bit memory bus. Now for the price a 970 isn't a terrible card, it does use less power than a 290x that is priced similarly but only people with lower wattage psus really have to care about that.  Really it sucks, they could have been honest with us up front and since its priced how it is it probably would have gone over okay, but now? Nope unless you can't afford to upgrade your psu and have like a 500w one now and need a new gpu screw the 970 get the 290x, performs similar in 1080p and better at higher res and actually lets you use all 4GB without slow downs. 


Given the right price I may still buy one but I really doubt it especially if amd does well with the 380x or 390x whatever its gonna be called.

Thats what i usually recommend people noawadays.

that escalated quickly

I guess? or to soon...

"Nvidia fails to issue recall on GTX 970 Video Cards. almost all GTX 970's have had their VRAM combust.''

Correction, they did not lie about the memory bus. It is a true 256bit bus from the controllers to the memory. The problem is that they disabled some L2 cache and split up the memory in 2 partitions. PCper has a good article and a good video on the subject.

The thing is, now that we know they lied about the L2 cache and the ROPs the consumers basically have Nvidia by the balls. This is false advertising, their spec-sheet contained flase information. This could definitely fly in an EU court, I can guarantee you that.

Oh please, this hasn't even escalated yet. Wait for the court rulings, wait for the class action lawsuits, wait for the fanboys defending this kind of shit for months. It'll be glorious and a spectacle if you like to point and laugh at idiots on the internet.

This is a fucking case study in false advertisement.

Check out this thread where a nvidifantard tries to justify his purchase:


In his words:

"it's like a restaurant claiming that a certain dish has 500 calories. People review the dish very favorably, think it's tasty and priced well, and people on diets are losing weight while eating it. But then it comes out that it had 600 calories all along! Get out your pitchforks! We've been lied to!

Rational people that enjoyed the dish and lost weight while eating it before will continue to enjoy it now. Irrational dieters who are counting every calorie will get mad, but in truth, the dish itself didn't change. Their perception of it did."

We are the ones that arent rational here , of course i dont even own a fucking nvidia card i see how fucked up this is.


Assuming that the various benchmarks are accurate, it still has a very good performance. Unless you're really loading up the VRAM to go past 3.5GB it really won't be an issue. Plus there's the relatively low power consumption.

So I still think the 970 is a pretty decent card, especially in cases where a 290 or 290x can't be handle due to power/heat/space limitations (pretty sure there aren't any ITX 290s or 290x's).

I read this article from Anandtech earlier: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8935/geforce-gtx-970-correcting-the-specs-exploring-memory-allocation

Supposedly, the technical marketing team wasn't aware of the actual specs and such when publishing the specs, and so nobody caught the mistake. That just doesn't seem likely to me that a multi-billion-dollar corporation wouldn't have a single person catching the mistake. To me, it just seems like nvidia wanted to make the card look better than it was. More ROPs, more L2 cache, more full bandwidth VRAM...

But... admittedly I don't think anyone was like "hey this card has 64 ROPs I better buy it for that reason and that reason alone." I'd assume most enthusiasts would look at benchmarks and reviews and make up their minds based on them.

So I'm not convinced that this is nvidia actually trying to screw over their customers in order to sell more cards. It's certainly possible that's what they're doing but at the same time are they really stupid enough to let this happen? I mean, why not do what Anarekist said - market it as 3GB of VRAM. people will like the bonus .5GB, plus it would likely drive more ignorant purchasers to the 980 because 4GB > 3GB.

Now if nvidia was indeed purposefully lying, fuck them.

I'm probably coming across as an nvidia fanboy. I think in my attempt to look at this objectively and try and distance myself from my inner AMD fanboy I've ended up favoring nvidia too much.

After what NVIDIA did with gameworks i highly doubt it .

I think they tried to hide the techninal limitations of the 970 to sell units because they denied this until they were pushed against a brick wall

It worked they sold a shit ton of units.

We need to hit Nvidea really hard, idc how, we need more people in the market making GPUS like new company's making new architectures and what not so the 2 company's don't just money whore for ever. They probably have so much Technology behind a hidden door that they drip feed us so they can get more money. Litreally i think we could easily have BF4 running in 8K maxxed out with some new crazy new AA and 6K textures. But we dont because its all hidden away from everyone, so they can over the course of 10 years money whore. I want to play games in 8K :( 

I don't even know why people are surprised or appalled by this kind of behavior from nVidia. They've been pulling stunts like this since the Geforce FX days. (I'm looking at you, FX 5800 Ultra.)

Actually, lets not stop at the 5800 Ultra and the disaster that was FlowFX, move on to 2006 with the launch of the 320MB 8800 GTS. A card released with too-little VRAM to make the overpriced 8800 GTX look like a sweet deal. In the end it really just made the 8800 GT the better option...

Speaking of 8800 GT, or more specifically the G92 chip, they sure did get their money's worth by re-releasing it for 3 years! (8800 GT in Q3 2007 all the way up to the GT 330 in Q1 2010!)

Oh what's that Fermi? You want in on this too? Well don't be late to the party! Oops, you were! By half a year, in fact. And when the highly anticipated GTX 480 FINALLY arrives, it releases as the single most expensive personal grill ever! Look nVidia, I know the GTX 480 can cook my steak in under 5 minutes but I really just wanted to play Crysis and Metro 2033.

Oh, what's that nVidia? You have the GTX 580 now? It's not nerfed by one SMX, it doesn't compete with the surface of the sun AND it's the same price? Oh you mean the 480 was supposed to suck? No? Well than what the hell is up with this?

(There were some problems with the GTX 600 series as well, but only at the mid tier.)


Basically, nVidia does this pretty much all the time. They are a company, they exist to make money, I get it. But they pretty much do not care for the customer. Well, that's not fair to say. They care so much as to convince the customer that they have the best of the best, when in reality it's not even close OR nVidia themselves are just a few months shy of overshadowing it.

What we see here with the GTX 970 equates to another one of those "we don't see a problem, so you shouldn't either" kind of things. I feel like because it's a second-tier part instead of a flagship (like the crown-hopping FX, 6000, and 7000 series) they seem to think it's not as big of a deal to rush into making amends. Of course they are wrong, and they'll probably pay somewhat dearly for it in one way or another.

Either way, I'm grabbing my bucket of popcorn and grinning with flazza, 'cus dis gunna be good.

so true, perfect comment