Nvidia lied to the consumer

"You should take two things away from that simple description. First, despite initial reviews and information from NVIDIA, the GTX 970 actually has fewer ROPs and less L2 cache than the GTX 980. NVIDIA says this was an error in the reviewer’s guide and a misunderstanding between the engineering team and the technical PR team on how the architecture itself functioned. That means the GTX 970 has 56 ROPs and 1792 KB of L2 cache compared to 64 ROPs and 2048 KB of L2 cache for the GTX 980. Before people complain about the ROP count difference as a performance bottleneck, keep in mind that the 13 SMMs in the GTX 970 can only output 52 pixels/clock and the seven segments of 8 ROPs each (56 total) can handle 56 pixels/clock. The SMMs are the bottleneck, not the ROPs.”

They told us that the 970 had more ROPS than it has , i will ignore any NVIDIA fanboy that replies to this. What they did to consumers inst excusable and should be frowned upon.

Ain't that a kick in the head.

This was unecessary , now they have lost consumer cridibility

They could have been honest at time of launch.

I thought the pricing was too good to be true. Now we know why.

Well I guess that explains the issue with the VRAM. Wow nVidia. The 900 series are turning into a half assed mess. 

yep. when they cut down the die on the 970, they took out some of the memory controllers too. that's kinda why, in a nutshell, when vram utilization hits the 3.5gb mark performance starts to stutter cause the memory manger parts that were on the 980 for the last .5gb of vram got cut out in the 970. ftmfl

I think this is great press for AMD.

I wouldn't touch that card with a ten foot pool ATM.

r9 290 is cheaper and can use 4GB of VRAM.

AMD has their flaws but they dont use this treachery BS to sell cards.

what do ubisoft, nvidia, and microsoft have in common?

Lying bastards everywhere.

What a shame.

a joint account 



*chews popcorn, puts on troll face :D*

Which is why you shouldnt hop on the new thing bandwagon. Take alittle time and let things prove or disprove themselves.

they could have marketed the 970 with 3gbs of vram, then when people found out that it goes up to 3.5. claim bonus vram for our customers. but that's not what happened..

Ya, really positive spin. :)

Not only is the R9 290 cheaper, but the fully unlocked 290X is the same price across the board, coming in around the $330 range on Newegg. With rebates on some brands you can get a factory OC'd 290X for $300 on the dot. 

nVidia has a lot of damage control to do.

if anyone is so appalled by this that they want to destroy their GTX970, please refrain from doing so. this poor soul is still running crossfired 6750's, and would much appreciate an appalling piece of blasphemy at his disposal. 

Im gonna boycott nvidia as hard as i can.

I wont ever recommend a nvidia card until they fix their shit.

970 NON BS edition please

Looking at Nvidia's track record with all the shit they've pulled with their GameWorks program, I'm not at all surprised by this.

Honestly, buy from a company that pulls stunts like that, don't expect to be treated with respect.

"There was a misunderstanding" You lied.

"This is working as intended" You lied and hoped nobody would notice.

To be completely honest, I'm not even shocked. Nvidia can't really shock me anymore with the 900 series. Lackluster performance, lies and deceiving language when it comes to power consumption, 970 performing worse at higher resolution than expected (remember this? that also happened just a few weeks after launch) and now the whole VRAM thing and wrong specs.I expected as much, that's why I'm not shocked by Nvidia.

However, what really shocked me was the way that so many people handled the situation. Seriously, blind fanboyism and brand loyalty only go this far, what the actual fuck is wrong with people who respond to this whole situation with "well you should have bought a pair of 980s for 4k instead of those 970s anyway, duh." Why the fuck would you try to downplay this or try to shut up the people who are complaining and suffering from this issue? What kind of fucked up individual do you have to be in order to defend these kinds of business practices from a multi billion dollar company? Why Why Why Why Why? Why would anyone ever do this?

And I'm not even talking about places like /g/ or some random game forum or whatever, I'm talking about the large tech forums with (usually) decent communities. I may have to assume that those people are actually paid by Nvidia just so I can stay sane. What the fuck is wrong with some people? Do they not have the slightest bit of empathy for all the people who got burned by this? Do they not get that this is a huge deal and that their favourite company has been caught red-handed doing something extremely shady? Why? Just why?

If you try to take away someone's voice just because they happen to be complaining about the company you like, if you try to ridicule or discredit or even attack people based on this fact and if you honestly think this issue is "resolved" because of some bogus benchmark with flawed methodology that wasn't even testing the correct thing, then I honestly have to ask what the actual fuck is wrong with you?

they need you as a guest host on the tech when they discus this.