Nvidia GTX 770 Issue

So I seem to have an issue with a gtx770 that I have. I've used it for playing games a few days, but today when I turn my computer on out comes some electrical smoke. The temps when I used it were in the low to mid 50's. I contacted Nvidia support and they wanted me to run some benchmarking software. I have not run it as it doesn't run long withough the smoking smell and noise. I doubt I'll be able to rma it as I bought it used. 

So what should I do with it? I only paid 140 for it. I was thinking about using it as a classy coaster but somehow powering the GTX 770 lights on the side.

2 of the 18 chips on the board seem melted. I doubt replacing them will fix the card as these were not messed up before hand. 

At this point I don't exactly care what I do as long as its cool\education



I'd try to RMA the card. If they won't except it I'd personally use a coaster because I'd personally botch any in house repair job :/ 

Are you on good terms with whoever you bought the video card from? Maybe they could at least give you a partial refund.Other than that it will make a classy drink coaster.