Nvidia gtx 1080 gpu issues brand new gpu

So I finally did it. I built my dream machine after years of saving and waiting and now I can't game on it. It worked fine for a few weeks and then while overclocking it crashed I reset to a stable overclock and it worked fine. It then restarts the next day and I have serious input lag issues, mainly in shooters. I can aim when not moving perfectly fine, but when I move and fire it lags and stutters, holding down keys longer then it should and mouse clicks. It started during online play and persisted when in offline mode. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics drivers several times and am at a loss as to what I can do to resolve the issue. If anyone has had similar problems and troubleshot them it would be nice to know what you did that worked, thank you.

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rma while you still can.

I ran the game with onboard graphics and it still persisted so its definitely not a gpu problem

What CPU do you have? Is it boosting up to proper speeds in games?

i7 6700k Haven't even tried overclocking yet

open up msi afterburner and play a game for a bit and after you play for a bit look at the graphs of clock speeds and verify both your cpu and gpu are clocking up properly.

It's only shooters that I have problems in. The witcher and skryim run perfectly fine.

well still do what I said for those games.

Just ran overwatch and the card didnt go above 1240 mhz. I'm going to try bf4 next.

Ran bf4 started at 1761 mhz after 10 seconds it jumped to 861 then mid 200s

You're it actually went down to 200mhz in game and not on desktop? because if so that's the problem

Why would some games work while others don't? Skyrim runs at a solid 1759 without dips way down.

Also it says that battlefront is running at stock speeds but I have the same problems with it as I do with battlefield.

Overwatch works fine

Skyrim is locked at 60 where the other ones you mentioned(bf4, overwatch) are not. Look at the temps and see if it is thermal throttling.