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Nvidia GTX 1070 Virtual GPU w/ i5-6600k


I love Linux but don’t use it on my desktop because of my setup and Windows games. I like using Ubuntu Cinnamon and Mate. I want to see if it’s possible to do a virtual GPU with Windows 10 VM using VirtualBox with my setup and hardware? I don’t know where to start.


  • i5-6600K Skylake
  • Nvidia GTX 1070
  • 3x LG 25" Ultrawide Monitors - Res Each 2560x1080


To quickly answer your question, no. not with virtualbox. It is possible though with your setup using the IGPU for linux and passing the GPU to windows. I wouldnt use virtualbox to do this though. Its not very stable that way.

I would probably start here:


Is there a way to disable the GPU in Linux when using Windows VM, then re-enabling it back in Linux once done?


AFAIK this isnt possible yet. I could be wrong. There is some limited 3d accell in virtual box with guest additions and some addons but I doubt this will get you anywhere near a playable game. Virtual box is nice because it just works on most hardware for general use but for more intensive stuff its like using a multitool for building a house.