Nvidia GPU's - 1, 2 or 3 NVENC per Chip?! What does this mean?

Okay, so I’m trying to get into 120FPS at 1080p video capture. I’ve got the CPU, MoBo, and RAM configuration. I’ve currently got a capture card picked out as well to replace my Elgato HD60.

However, now I need to find a better GPU to do the NVENC encoding in my streaming/capture PC. I’m currently using a overclocked GT 710 w/ 2GB VRAM. It’s running like +65 over on GPU and +125 over on VRAM. It’s been repasted, and that’s about the best I can get for long hours of use. The video quality is pretty good too.

However, I recently had one device that ultimately didn’t work out, that had 120FPS in 1080p capture, but after a bit I think the GPU became a bottleneck and started buffering (couldn’t handle the workload).

Given the above statement, I started looking at cards. Now Elgato, as well as their competitors, are claiming for 120FPS in 1080p game capture, I need to get something like a GTX 1060 6GB at a minimum. Given the current prices, and such, I’ve been looking at the Quadro cards. When looking at these, I started seeing from the WiKi pages, that some have 1, 2 and 3 NVENC per Chip.

  1. What does this mean?
  2. Is more NVENC per Chip better? if so, how?
  3. The GTX 1060 shows it’s got 1 NVENC per chip, if I got a Quadro GPU w/ 2 NVENC per chip, would it work better?

I would presume (but don’t know) that multiple NVENC per chip would allow you do to multiple, different simultaneous encodes? Like for example if you wanted to stream to twitch at 720p 60fps 6mbps, but do a 4K 60fps local recording without impeding eachother. On the one hand I wouldn’t go out and buy a Quado specifically for this, but I might be tempted to see if I could get a Turing or Ampere GPU because of improvements made to NVENC for these generations.


For a single stream, having more than one NVENC chip would not help you (as far as I’m aware).

Different Nvidia architectures have different NVENC encoders. And I think the newer the better.

In your case, a 1650 Super makes more sense than a 1060 6GB. Don’t get the 1650 non Super as it’s Volta NVENC and not Turing NVENC.

I’m assuming WIndows because you’re picking out an Elgato card, so the best thing you can do is run OBS in administrator mode, even though you’re using a capture card (I don’t know if you’re using the card directly or through Elgato software. There are non-direct sources for accessing the card created by the Elgato software as opposed to using it directly.)

No, I have a Pengo 4k capture card.

It’s the ONLY PCIe x1 Gen3/4 device on the market. OBS requires that I have a NVENC or AMD device, to where as this adapter does not and every Elgato does.

Regardless, there seems to HAVE to be some form of Encoding device present, out side of the card itself, whether required by the device or by the software.

As of right now, I get constant recording crashes when trying to record anything close to 120FPS, and given I see GPU usage, my guess is it’s GPU usage related.

The goal is, to record 120FPS game footage on my server. The extremely overclocked GT 710 seems to be having a tough time keeping up.

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