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360p fuck it im still wathcing :D


I need part 2 already xD

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is it me or are the recent videos audio out of sync with the video?


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Nothing is out of sync if you close your eyes


waiting for part dule

I really like that approach. Much more information than all the other fancy videos. Looking out for part deux.

the duration is broken imma sawwry

Is that a cider?

That starting frame... Building up to a sneeze without sneezing...

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i like how on one 8 pin power connector it's able to reach 80+ degrees


Part 2?

Not uploaded yet~


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Those triangular cutouts induce a lot of turbulence increasing required pressure. Parallel bars are better, I would call it looks over functionality.
One thing many have noticed and I noticed in the video aswell: One half new card (which really is 16nm Maxwell on Steroids) and one half "features".
"Double your performance" Well, 69 and 95 have a difference of 26 which is a 37% increase, not 50%.

Finaly, great video! ☺

Can't possibly be bad for power supplies right? I mean how much heat can you shove through 18gauge wiring.

hah i was just making a joke, its really just that the cooler isnt the greatest and to make it perform at that level there's probably a stock overclock than what they had originally envisioned

I gotta say, it's nice to see Logan do a calm, peaceful, informative video without being a total goof.