Nvidia gameworks :(


I was just reading this article and it left me feeling really sad

Here is most of us all optimistic about the future and open source mantle and unicorns and things (okay, not the unicorn one).... and then I go read something like this.



I do not like your working practices, I have eagerly purchased your shiny shiny graphics cards in the past but I think this is the last straw for me.

I am staying with the red team, i reckon getting another 7970 will see me good for the next 4 to 5 years.

It's just a release of optimized libraries for nVidia. Any game can make use of it. There a problem with that?

This article is flawed anyway. Comparing a GTX 770 and a 290X. 

yea no shit... who compares a 770 with a 290x... if anything it should compare a 780ti to a 290x, a 780 to 290, or 770 to 280x

#1 the problem with gameworks is that the libraries are closed. meaning no one can see whats inside of them. this translate into to AMD not being able to optimize its drivers for any game that uses gameworks.

#2 the gap between the 770 and the 290x should be much wider. but it is not. this could be do to the fact that AMD can not optimize its drivers for batman. lets also take into account that Nvidia is much faster at tessellation then AMD and batman is full of that stuff. so much so that is hinders performence for AMD GPU's and AMD can not do a damn thing about it because they can not access the gameworks libraries.


so no the article is not at all flawed. Nvidia may be trying to Cripple the performance of AMD for most if not all Nvidia Titles. this is not what we need for the end consumer.

I've heard it reported that some Nvidia optimized games tessellate the hell out of flat surfaces (that is, use GPU time accomplishing nothing at all), just because it hurt AMD's cards more than it hurts Nvidia's.

I can't see any professional game development company using GameWorks, especially if Mantle allows them to do all of the same stuff, exactly the way they want, and without a big black box in their rendering code. Of course, that's assuming Mantle is open and available.