Nvidia game stream

hello, would nvidias game stream work on a laptop with geforce gt graphics? like you had your main rig with a 980 ti, and a laptop with a core i5 dual core, and a gt 940m could you use game stream from your 980 ti machine?

Nope. lol Nvidia Game-Stream works from PC to Shield Product [Tablet or Portable or TV] Which Runs Android. it doesn't work from PC to PC. you want to do that you gotta use Valve In-Home-Streaming.

ugh they need to expand THEIR streaming software to pc to pc, i understand not wanting to do that on android, but on pc? i think so.

because it would never work hat's why (not literally of course) but i mean it would be a shot in the foot.. Why should Nvidia make a feature that is CLOSED to their platform (Nvidia GPUs), when one already exists that works for everything and has been around for years now? Valve In-Home-Streaming works for Intel, AMD AND Nvidia..

but they dont need to add anything really, the laptop already has geforce experience, just make it so you can stream between any pc that has geforce experience.

Or you can use Valve In-Home-Streaming and be done with it.. you have to understand proprietary features can only be sold to people so far, before it gets stupid.