Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu

Every time I try to install the Nvidia drivers on Ubuntu, Unity decides to stop working upon reboot.

Ive been following tutorials for installing it on Ubuntu 12.04 while I was using Ubuntu 12.10. Is it any different for 12.10? For the record its a GT 540M.

Will getting Mint or another distro make a difference?


Search for issues related to linux nvidia drivers and the specific laptop you have. It is usually a problem with the driver not working with the monitor correctly.

I used ubuntu for a week while waiting for a new harddrive to use for windows.

Ubuntu automaticaly installed a nvidia driver, but i coduln't dim my laptop screen with it I have a toshiba qosmio x770 with nvidia gtx 560m.

I tried to install the latest linux driver from nvidia, but I was asked to close the x driver. does anyone know how to kill that one?