Nvidia drivers GTx 970 arch linux

I have been trying for fix this 2 days. First I wanted to install arch to my i7 4790k but the bootable usb was going black so I had to use integrated graphics to install (im still running on it right now) everything was working fine besides my nvidia drivers. I want the proprietary ones so i can play games with full performance. I have searched through numerous guides websites etc. I had them working at one point with yaourt nvidia-beta but after an update they dont work anymore, even when they were working the LTS kernel wasnt working with it. Now it is broken everytime I try to install a different driver it says these two ones are in conflict I say yes to remove it then it gives me a big error list of breaks dependency's.

What kernel are you currently using, what nvidia driver are you trying to install, and can you provide a copy/paste (verbatim) of the error message?

it sounds like you're just caught in a dependency cycle, which can be fixed by --force uninstalling one && immediately installing the other.