NVIDIA driver 320.49 WHQL freezing my PC

NVIDIA driver 320.18 and 320.49 WHQL freezing my Win 7-64 PC, monitor screen and keyboard during normal use (not playing a game) .. cannot move mouse pointer, keyboard NUMLOCK will not work, keyboard keys do nothing.

This is happening for a month now, and i have tried reinstaling windows, all driver update, and the same problem is happening, all temps are fine, i was trying to find solution until i found this topic on nvidia forum: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/550032/geforce-500-400-series/nvidia-driver-320-49-whql-freezing-my-pc/1

Seems that a lot of users that are having 400 or 500 gtx series of card are having this problem. Anyway i downgraded my driver to 314.22 and evrything seems fine for now. I just wondered if someone is having the same problem here, and heard anything about it... It is so annoying that i am stuck with old drivers...

My spec:

Asus P8B75-M LX

Intel I5 3350p

Patriot 2x4gb @1600mhz

MSI GTX460 1gb OC

LC Power 600w


My gf's PC (running a GTS 450 and then a GTX 560 Ti) had exactly the same issue. I just updated to beta drivers and it fixed the issue. Her current drivers are 326.41(beta).

Thanks for reply, guess i'll just have to wait for a new driver, since the newest for my card is 320.49, and hope that nvidia will fix it...