nVidia and Mantle?

Did nVidia release any statement about the possibility of Mantle support for their GPUs? If it ever happens I figure this is not coming anytime soon, moreover with all the Mantle hype around they may even want to make the thing as invisible as possible. OR, they could come out and say "hey, we're gonna use that too so don't go full AMD guys!". What do you think? Is there something I don't know?

Nvidia hasn't released any information on mantle yet. I think that they are just sitting back to see if it takes off or not. No one yet knows the full performance increase of mantle, only what AMD has claimed. I think if it does take off it would be well worth it for Nvidia to invest in mantle , but hey what do I know about the api/graphics business?

nVidia will not be using Mantle. They are developing their own proprietary API called NVAPI. Which I feel will be a massive failure just like PhysX 

You're right, they would have to see it at work anyway...though nVidia is more on the side of proprietary stuff rather than open source, that is unfortunate.