Nvidia allegedly payed off OriginPC to drop AMD card

So I found this thread on the LLT-Forum along with the article.

So by the looks of it, OriginPC has dropped AMD card, as Nvidia payed them off.

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Sounds really interresting. I guees that's how business works nova days. Life is hard, go home AMD. :I

Sounds really interresting. I guees that's how business works nova days. Life is hard, go home AMD. :I


I think This is exactly how Nvidia works. :)

I was reading that article last night as well as other sites take on it (anand, toms).

Definitely sounds like shady marketing bollocks.

The timing (right before the 290x launch unveiling) is just too suspicious

Failure rate

The failure rate discrepancies between the two makes (as reported by other system builders of high quality) aren't high enough to warrant dropping amd.

Hardware performance

Even after all this time an overclocked ghz edition (clocked to around 1200 core clock) of the 7970 *still* performs well against the 7xx series from nvidia so I wouldnt think performance is an issue.

Drivers / dual gpu

Nvidia do have an edge here, but Amd are making progress.

Bottom line, I think its a desperate move from a company that knows its been backed into a corner.

Pretty much this.

But I'll have to disagree on the drivers. Sure AMD has a few bugs, but so does Nvidia.

My 680s are getting buggier with every driver update. The last decent driver was 306.97. After that overclockability went to hell [from +200mhz  / +500mhz memory to unstable at +50 / +200] and my WQHD screen or the two 1080p left / right of it flicker randomly. Chrome has a problem with SLI enabled, one monitor keeps losing DP signal randomly. And so on and so forth. While I've had a few issues with AMD drivers in the past, like my mouse cursor blurring out in StarCraft II, it's a minor nuisance compared to this shit that makes the PC close to unusable.

I should never have bought Nvidia and sticked with ATI as I have all my life before that ^^

And yes, of course it's marketing. I've seen many people saying that "Nvidia wouldn't do such a thing" completely neglecting that the funny guy dancing around the stage and mentioning countless times that he wants to blow all the "gamers" out there, is nothing but an actor. At the top of the company you got the shareholders qqing about not getting enough money.

Funny, Intel did that very thing ~7 years ago.

It was quite illegal then, and I'm sure it's quite illegal now.

It's looking like Nvidia really has no honest answer to Hawaii.

Nvidia becomes more and more like Apple. THeir products are no good anymore so they start trolling everyone else.

Beautiful on the outside (yayyy nvidia fanboys are just like apple fanboys), mold on the inside.

Nothing new, and its really not like OriginPC really matters.  Anyone who buys an OriginPC is just an idiot really.

Nvidia just wants to make sure their dedicated GPU product is still dominant.  They have won the battle, but lost the war really when it comes to big contracts.  There is so much antagonism for everything that Nvidia does, and yet none of this is really illegal or abusive of the system.  

You can't compare Apple's abuse of the courts to Nvidia's abuse of exclusivity contracts.

... hearing some crazy talk there the 600 and 700 series cards are really good cards for past and present game playing... how they cope with 'round amd' is up for debate as it hasn't happened yet, no reason to bash them though.

This is Charlie we are talking about. While this news wouldn't surprise me everything he says should be taken with a handful of salt.

underhanded tactics are nuthing new to NVIDIA  how do you think thay got PhysX?

If you read the SemiAccurate article linked in the OP, it was far from only Oracle PC who got paid for this. They were just the ones who made a big press announcement about dropping AMD cards and drew attention to this issue.

Illegal or not, actions like this do not produce a better product or provide any benefits whatsoever to consumers. This move is purely anti-competitive.

Also, what battle has Nvidia won? Not sure what that was referring to.

I am not bashing Nvidia, I just think that these practics are improper nad should not be allowed. I am also not directly comparing it to apple court trolling. My point should have been more like: They do improper stuff to sell their products just like apple :-)

When you don't have a good response to good new products form your adversary you should go develop new ones or be innovative or whatever but NOT do what they are doing right now. It is just because of reports like these that I would not consider buying Nvidia products (although they are certainly not bad! (just too expensive for their performance)). Unfortunately, many people do not share my opinion on this which is why Nvidia and Intel keep paying companies to exclude AMD products

I just hope that we will not get reports like this about AMD doing the same stuff. That would be diappointing.

business as usual!

Another reason to push me towards AMD for my next GPU...

I only have one thing to add to this:


and yet everyone got their panties in a bunch when amd released a few over-the-top, poorly acted, cliche commercials

Definitely not business as usual, if this is true Nvidia could find themselves with legal issues.

Personally I couldn't stand them

But at least they were tongue in cheek, if this allegation is true and its nothing more than back room deals and marketing bollocks then it is a lot more evil than just some hammy commercials