Nvidia (AI) AGX orin dev kit module how to add jank power connection?

I am saving up for some kind of AI acceleration hardware. It’s a stretch but there might be a way to save up to $500 with jank in the future on an AI dev kit. I hope in a few months once people get their new 64 GB vram dev kits (AGX orin) the prices on the 32GB modules will come down. All I really have to go on is the TOPS on paper, but this nvidia dev kit seems it would punch above it’s weight in AI inference speed which is all care about for personal use. Nvida is selling 32 and 64 gb of vram dev kits both for $2000 right now. If the 32gb drops in price, then it would make sense, with this hypothetical future pricing, try and save $500 (current pricing) on a carrier board. I get this is stretch. All I got stuck on was how to deliver power. And wondered if anyone here had any ideas. I will say the pin outs seem to be documented, I’ve never seen that before.

So there are these modules that are missing i/o (other the pcie) and are also missing a way to power it. The I/O is hooked up through some kind of thing the resembles the pins on a CPU that a daughter board attaches to. I think this carrier board that attaches might provide cooling too. So I hope maybe a fan pointed at some thermal pads or something might be fine. I think it maxs out at 60w. And for I/o I found this out of print used card is pcie to usbc display port altmode " Dell Sunix USB 3.1 10G DisplayPort PCI Express Card Dual USB-C UPD2018D0". A usbc hub is WAY cheaper than those carrier boards. I know nothing of electrical engineering, but it seems like all you would have to do left to potentially save $500 on some I/O carrier board thing is find a way to power it through the ‘cpu pins thing’.

Lately, I’ve been looking at amd mi60,mi100 accelerators, the 3090, and this dev kit. Right now the dev kit is the most expensive, but oddly it seems to have the best performance per dollar (on paper). I wish it was possible to compare this stuff apples to apples without buying everything

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