Nvidia 8800GT

My question is simple...

How good is the 8800GT,

if you play with everything on high, no anti aliasing, and resolution of 1024 by 768?

you should be able to at that res. its one of the best cards as far as bang for your buck at the moment since its like 100 dollars.

my 8800gt does everything max/high and 1280x1024...

it's still a great budget card. it should play any game fine or better with those settings.

my friend plays all high settings on most games with even the xfx 8600GT xxx zalman edition (like the one megotrice had/what i have now)

what cpu do you have btw?

i have a pentium D, 2.8GHz

pretty sure that's still above and beyond my amd sempron 1.8ghz lolol

but yea, you don't want to get something too strong and end up having that cpu bottleneck your gpu's performance. so the 8800gt is definitely a good, but not TOO good type of gpu for you.

thanks. ^^

a pentium d will bottleneck an 8800gt...

just a heads up

*needs proof*

give me a link or something.

fuck lol :(

yea i was bringing up the whole bottlenecking thing because my cpu bottlenecks the 8600gt big time.. oh well, i'll upgrade sooner or later.

these days, you won't get the full potential out of a good gpu without having at least a dual core cpu in the mid 2ghz range. there's no need to show proof.. that's just how it is.

..lol whoops, should've just edited the other post :3

i have a pentium D...

it has 2 cores? and its in the 2Ghz area.

no, it doesnt have 2 cores, it has 2 threads within one single core


um...*kicks computer*

ya u should probaly think bout upgrading ur cpu and most likely mobo n ram too

Pentium d's are dual cores. dont listen to bloods lies

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no they're not dual cores. Its called Pentium D with Dual Core Technology. There acutally isnt two cores on it. It kinda like a scam intel did so they could come out with a "dual core cpu" so ppl can buy, but im pretty sure AMD's ATHLON X2 was the first true dual core cpu

im just going off what iv read in the comptia A+ certification exam guide

it says "Intel won the race for the first dual core processor with the Pentium D line of processors. The Pentium D is simply two late generation Pentium 4s molded onto the same chip with each cpu using its own cache"