Nvidia 353.62 Drivers killing displays?

Ouch, apparently Nvidia released another driver that kills hardware. This time it's certain LCD screens on laptops. And it's, again, a WHQL driver, meaning that windows 10 will install it automatically. This is a nasty situation.
By the way, has it ever come up that we could use a "news" section where discussion of very recent topics could happen? Or would it simply be better to post something like this in the GPU section?

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This, ah, this is funny and saddening. People will still defend nVidia and say AMD are worse.


Brum Brum

Not really funny in my opinion, the people affected might end up with a broken laptop and Nvidia hasn't responded yet. Granted, it is not 100% confirmed whether or not it actually is this exact driver that's causing the issue, but a simple "we're looking into it" would be nice tbh.

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Really regretting getting a 980 ti. I have new found paranoia because of it, let me guess, next driver update draws twice the power from the psu and blows up the whole pc.

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Again? Some people are still angry about the lacking DX12 support and blaming the game devs for the bad DX12 performance, now this...
Wow, glad I am using amd for the last 3 years...

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Amd has done some stupid thungs in the past as well. I dont think its a smart decision to base everything of this news...

Shhhhh! Nvidia witch hunt in effect!

You are not only late but out of context. This was posted in the lounge, a casual joking section, it was moved here to be more relevant.

And comments like this will continue the flame war. It's WELL known that AMD/ATi has had shit drivers, since forever. It's equally well known that nVidia doesn't like open source and has more than once cheated to make their cards seem better. How about putting the vitriol aside and post something worthwhile.

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I have on many occasions. I have compiled lists of precious violations and harms upon the consumers. Like this one.


This part in under a spoiler because people are clearly not understanding basic English. But this is completely out of context as I have all ready pointed out this was originally posted in THE LOUNGE, a place of nonsense and joking. It was moved here not by me. It was never intended to be part of the serious debate. IT WAS ORIGINALLY AND REMAINS A JOKE! I had no intention of ever posting this here nor would I be so flagrant in my baiting if this was an actual post on a serious topic. It was part of a longer chain of jokes IN THE LOUNGE, not part of this official thread on the topic. So before you go ahead and accuse me of this how about you check you facts first.

Sorry about that unpleasantness next time read first instead if furthering the potential flame war. I will happily edit the original post if it makes you happy but that would be altering the past to better suit someone else's view of the present, something I am not happy about doing, but will to appease those who clearly cannot comprehend or extrapolate the meaning in posts that are out of place and out of context.

Consider what you quoted wasn't in this thread, you can see why it appeared you were just being a troll. However your quote was good info, and I have to agree.

So no hard feelings man...This is the internet after all.

Cool cool. All good.

Ooooh another potential flame war?! grabs popcorn and leans back in the chair, I'm a horrible person ;)