Nvidia 1080 Ti to debut at GDC (count down clock)

Seems like the site Videocardz figured them out;

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics card launch teased by GeForce website countdown

Notice the bold "TI" in time:


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That is subtle....

Really though there will be only one think interesting in the presentation. The price. Nothing else lol


What if it out preforms expectations? like the 750 Ti did....

Wouldn't that be grand. They are claiming the "ULTIMATE GEFORCE", isn't the Titan a Geforce GPU?

But agreed, it will be price. That will be the determining factor for me whether Titan X or 1080 Ti.

It won't though because we already know what the chip is. It will be a slightly cut down GP102. So really it comes down to how much it costs.

Technically no. It's been branded outside the GeForce name.


True. Although they still do write GeForce GTX on the top lol

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Lazy design. Something tells me they made the market shift really late in the game since they needed to differentiate from the Titan X(M). Dropping the inclusion into the GeForce lineup and retailing it themselves like a Tesla helped with that.

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Tesla is not exclusively sold by Nvidia though, there are approved resellers.

My point exactly.

While there are approved resellers for Teslas, bulk shipment and ordering is through nVidia themselves. Hence the comparison.

1060 Ti :)


Lmao that would trigger so many people

Also like at the last nVidia event, at CES, when he said "Oh and one more thing..." Then went on about some enterprise thing or something and everyone got blue balled


I need my GeForce Experience which includes PhysX and all sorts of other goodies. I hope by the time this comes out I can afford two.

That would give me a valid excuse to wait for Vega..... and buy it.

if thats a valid for you, then well... You sir are invalid.

So anyone wanna guess the Founder's Edition price? LOL

I says pardon?

Why i speak of waiting is out of spite. I am not a fan boy for red or green. In my experience I never wait long because there is always something new coming, so a build will never get done. If Amazon would not have canceled my 4x 980 Ti order I would not have waited a couple of weeks for the 1080 Ti. I was going to order a couple of Titans, but 2 weeks was not a long wait to see.

I'm just a little pissed that it's taken them so long to get off the pot and give us the 1080Ti. We're what...six months at most before they start talking up the next GPU anyway. And they will basically wait to see what Vega has up it's sleeve. I have to say that if Vega pulls off what it appears that Ryzen is going to do...next year will be very interesting.

probably 1k

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$100 more for no reason.

I'm guessing $999 for the FE and maybe $850-899 for the regular

I'm hoping for nothing more than 799. I just bought my 1080 strix, depending on what happens tuesday, I may return it in a heartbeat.

That being said, i really hope the aftermarket branded cards launch with the FE or shortly after.